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Data Activation: Data In, ROI Out

Over the last couple of months, we’ve been taken you on a data activation journey with our 7-part series. We covered everything from what it is to its crucial role in today’s marketing landscape and how to get started.  If you blinked and missed an important tip or two, not to worry. Here’s a recap […]


Building the Right Foundation for Data Activation and Growth

While data activation is the secret weapon that makes a great data-driven marketing experience tick, it’s not the only component that guarantees success. Well-oiled data activation processes can’t happen if other areas of your business are lacking.  3 key building blocks To pull it off you’ll need the perfect balance of solid tech, a dream […]

Data Activation’s Role in the Future-Proof Tech Stack

Data activation isn’t a standalone solution. It needs to be a foundational part of an integrated martech stack. But what does a martech stack that can truly scale with customer demands and dynamics look like? What is the martech stack that can clear up a marketer’s “traffic jam” composed of?  Future-proof martech architecture  At the […]

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The Blueshift Discussion Series: Top Takeaways from #BlueshiftConf

Last week we hosted our first-ever user conference in foggy (sometimes sunny) San Francisco. It was an incredible experience to have so many amazing customers, friends, and Blueshift employees together in one room for the day. The food was delicious and the drinks were plentiful, but most importantly, the insights were incredibly valuable. Below are just […]

What is Data Activation?

We all know data is the key to better customer engagement; the question is how to best cultivate it? For marketers who have been challenged with delivering increasingly real-time, customized, elaborate customer experiences, data and having a deep customer understanding is essential. But data can only deepen customer insight and enable more precise marketing when […]

Data Activation is Underused Fuel for Marketers

Marketers are starting to wake up to the next data challenge to tackle: marketers today use less than 50% of their data in their marketing. Why does this matter? After all, given the volume and ever-changing status of useful data, isn’t utilizing half of it somewhat of an achievement?  Think again. While it’s unreasonable to […]

Blueshift Customer Stories: BiggerPockets Increases Paid Subscriptions 2x with 1:1 Personalization Across Channels

Investing in real estate is top-of-mind for many of today’s money-savvy consumers, and businesses are taking note. Countless television shows, blogs, and content creators have hopped on the bandwagon, but where does an investment newbie start their journey, make the needed connections, and learn the tricks of the trade? The answer: BiggerPockets. BiggerPockets is an […]

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