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Marketer vs Martech: A Broken Stack Means a Broken Team

If you’ve been keeping up with our Marketer vs Martech series, you might remember that over 95% of marketers aren’t personalizing on a one to one level — and 69% of those folks attribute that to friction in their martech stacks. And, these tech-troubled marketers aren’t far off base. Fractured, disparate software can lead to […]


Marketer vs Martech: Your Tech Stack Is Broken If You Aren’t Able to Bring Strategies to Life

Many marketers went into their jobs with the preconceived notion that it would entail flexing their creative muscles. But reality paints a completely different picture of what consumes the average marketer’s day-to-day. Wrangling tech issues, putting out fires, neverending syncs, or even stepping into a marketing/data-science hybrid role. Not exactly the brainstorming, brand-focused paradise that […]

Data Activation: Data In, ROI Out

Over the last couple of months, we’ve taken you on a data activation journey with our 7-part series. We covered everything from what it is to its crucial role in today’s marketing landscape and how to get started.  If you blinked and missed an important tip or two, not to worry. Here’s a recap of […]

4 Tips for Getting Started with Data Activation

Like anything worth investing in, the steps to improving customer engagement with data activation take time. A thoughtful audit of your current status, and projected future needs can result in a more stable stack. These steps are designed to not only get your data activation journey started, but also put in end to the seemingly […]

Building the Right Foundation for Data Activation and Growth

While data activation is the secret weapon that makes a great data-driven marketing experience tick, it’s not the only component that guarantees success. Well-oiled data activation processes can’t happen if other areas of your business are lacking.  3 key building blocks To pull it off you’ll need the perfect balance of solid tech, a dream […]

Data Activation’s Role in the Future-Proof Tech Stack

Data activation isn’t a standalone solution. It needs to be a foundational part of an integrated martech stack. But what does a martech stack that can truly scale with customer demands and dynamics look like? What is the martech stack that can clear up a marketer’s “traffic jam” composed of?  Future-proof martech architecture  At the […]