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Data Activation is Underused Fuel for Marketers

Marketers are starting to wake up to the next data challenge to tackle: marketers today use less than 50% of their data in their marketing. Why does this matter? After all, given the volume and ever-changing status of useful data, isn’t utilizing half of it somewhat of an achievement?  Think again. While it’s unreasonable to […]

Blueshift Customer Stories: BiggerPockets Increases Paid Subscriptions 2x with 1:1 Personalization Across Channels

Investing in real estate is top-of-mind for many of today’s money-savvy consumers, and businesses are taking note. Countless television shows, blogs, and content creators have hopped on the bandwagon, but where does an investment newbie start their journey, make the needed connections, and learn the tricks of the trade? The answer: BiggerPockets. BiggerPockets is an […]

New Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study Shows Blueshift Drives 781% ROI for Customers

Imagine what would happen if you could scale 1:1 campaigns and deliver better cross-channel experiences to all your [millions of] customers. Or, don’t. Instead, hear about the exact returns four of our customers saw after using Blueshift in this commissioned study from Forrester Consulting, including: 781% in total ROI $128 million increase in incremental revenue […]

3 Tips to Avoid #Personalization #Fail Part 2

The benefits of personalization are no mystery. Companies that manage to execute personalization well, in tandem with a solid martech stack, provide engaging and relevant content that keeps customers coming back for more. But what happens when marketers don’t have a solid martech stack? What happens when data remains siloed and teams end up executing […]

5 Practical AI Techniques for Improving Customer ROI

Seventy-seven percent of marketers believe that real-time personalization is crucial, yet sixty percent struggle to personalize content in real time. Personalizing content in the form of giving the right recommendations for each user, scheduling the content based on each user’s behavior, and then selecting the right communication channel require processing large amounts of data to […]

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