The Ultimate Guide to Mastering AI Marketing Is Here

Easily Understand & Scale Smarter Marketing: The Ultimate Guide to AI Marketing

Within business, many monumental changes happen as a result of a catalyst: makeup became popular with the advent of movies, the internet has catapulted forward globalization, and most recently, folks staying home has pushed businesses forward by years in just a few months. These events have more or less been outside of our direct control, so marketers can only respond. The next big thing to shake up the business world can be 100% marketer-driven: but only if they have the right tools to succeed. The next big thing in question? AI Marketing.

AI can completely revolutionize the way we do business, and more importantly, the way marketers deliver customer experiences. But for too long AI has remained inaccessible and bogged down with technical lingo, advanced mathematics, and programming techniques — but this is no longer the reality. There is marketer-accessible (and in some cases made-for marketers) AI ready to be leveraged to exceed business goals and drive growth, but to truly get the most out of AI, marketers still need to grasp the basics of how it operates and how it can be effectively used within marketing.

Why AI Marketing?

Customers today have high expectations for the messages and experiences they receive from brands (and there’s no sign of these expectations halting in growth any time soon). Customers want each communication they receive to be personalized and seamless across channels — batch and blast messages rarely get read. To further stress the situation, marketers are also expected to have a greater hand in crafting customer experiences, which isn’t within the traditional marketing wheelhouse — this also means traditional channel-centric tech is struggling to keep up and deliver a consistent, cohesive customer experience. How can marketers deliver personalized messaging across a myriad of channels while adapting to changing customer preferences? The answer lies in AI marketing.

In fact, top brands are already using AI to optimize their marketing strategies across every channel such as email, advertising, and beyond. AI achieves this by determining what we like to call the “Who What Where and When” of marketing. This means which customers to target, which what messaging/content, on what channel, and when all bettering the chances of driving desired actions. Here are just a few examples of what Blueshift customers have seen when AI is in the driver’s seat for these decisions:

98% of marketers who use AI/predictive modeling tools report marketing improvements

  • Improved enrollment by over 89% with AI-powered recommendations
  • Increased email revenue by 181% with AI-driven personalization
  • Increased revenue 35% with AI-powered Send Time Optimization
  • 400% increase in customer engagement with AI-powered 1:1 experiences

“We know that personalization is the future. Blueshift is preparing us to move into the next phase of hyper-personalization — leveraging AI capabilities to really bring the message to the customer and make sure it’s timely and hyper-relevant.” – Heather Dettmann, Head of Retention Marketing at Artifact Uprising

What You’ll Get from the Guide

You can expect not only to learn the basic nuts and bolts of AI (not too technical, we promise) and the foundational concepts key to using AI successfully, but also the simple steps you can take to implement AI within your current campaigns. You will discover how AI works to bolster personalizationsegmentationengage time optimization, and which channel to engage users on that can have a big impact on the success of marketing. Finally, we’ve tied different applications of AI to real marketing results and success stories, so you can be sure the changes you make to include AI within your stack carry weight.