Skillshare Boosts Subscriptions and Engagement by Scaling Personalization with Self-Serve AI

Skillshare, an online learning community, provides everyone with access to develop the skills they need through hands-on online classes in design, business, technology, and more. As the user base expanded and the class catalog rapidly grew, Skillshare needed a scalable solution to engage students with personalized education experiences tailored to each individual’s unique goals and interests.


Enrollment Rate

Tests showed AI helped students
discover the right classes.


Engagement Rate

Tests showed individually
tailoring content resonated.

10 Days

To Launch New Campaign

Skillshare launched a variety of campaigns
that weren’t possible before.


Skillshare is an online learning community with thousands of classes. Topics range from illustration, design, photography, and video, to freelancing and more. Skillshare has millions of members that come together to find inspiration and learn from educational videos.


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Grow Student Engagement and Retention Through Greater Relevance

As Skillshare’s user base and class catalog broadened, its students struggled to find the right classes because of the abundance of choice. Skillshare wanted to simplify its users’ experience by helping them discover relevant courses. However, their team found a lot of complexity with matching the right classes to the right user. After sinking significant engineering resources and several months into trying to build a class recommendation solution in-house, the initiative fell short because it was inaccessible to the marketing team and needed to be manually updated for each campaign.

Skillshare realized it needed an external solution–­­built for marketers–that would enable them to:

  • Drive Engagement Through Personalized Recommendations
    Speak to students more effectively by understanding and customizing content to each student’s learning interests.
  • Usher Students Down the Funnel With Out-of-the-Box AI
    Scale personalized campaigns to its 4 million users across pivotal points in the customer journey, despite having a lean marketing team and limited data science resources.
  • Be More Nimble and Responsive
    Move quickly in launching new campaign ideas and have the ability to continuously test and optimize.

“AI marketing helps Skillshare’s marketing team appear larger than it is. We are a lean team and having Blueshift helps us present ourselves and speak to our customers in a more sophisticated way like companies 10X our size.”


Personalize with Sophisticated Segmentation and Robust Recommendations

Skillshare turned to Blueshift to power its personalization strategy because of Blueshift’s robust, flexible personalization options and marketer-friendly interface. The platform’s out-of-the-box segmentation and recommendation algorithms felt turnkey and were easily customizable to fit Skillshare’s business requirements. This truly put AI in the hands of Skillshare’s marketers.

Blueshift’s integration with Sendgrid made onboarding easy. Skillshare was up and running in weeks executing all of the campaigns it envisioned. With its automated campaigns running in the background, Skillshare’s marketers were free to test all their new ideas.

The following core capabilities were integral to the strategy’s success:

Real-Time Behavioral Segmentation
Skillshare differentiated its messaging strategies based on user interests and lifecycle stages by easily creating advanced segments, which continuously auto-update based on real-time in-session behavior.

Personalized Recommendations
Skillshare launched new campaigns encouraging initial and continued enrollment, such as next best class and most popular teachers, by applying real-time course recommendations tailored to each user’s individual interests and learning path.

Advanced Testing 
Skillshare readily tested complex campaign strategies that included multiple segments each with different content paths. Within a day, Skillshare could set up new campaigns with controlled, staged, measurable tests built in.

Campaign Journey Builder
Skillshare marketers effortlessly created automated, smart, multi-touch campaigns that enabled it to re-engage users with saved and similar classes campaigns and encourage course completion.


Increased Enrollment and Engagement

With Blueshift’s out-of-the-box AI, Skillshare started seeing ROI within 90 days. Best of all, the marketing team didn’t have to worry about campaigns being stalled in the engineering queue for months.

Skillshare is now looking to Blueshift to refine its onboarding process and increase the likelihood of moving to paid subscriptions by serving up relevant courses from the first touch. Skillshare’s Customer Support team is also using Blueshift to see user activity to tailor support communications.

“With Blueshift we went from the stone age to the modern era in the blink of an eye. And our users have noticed the difference.

We’ve never had a shortage of good ideas. There were just too few hours in the day and too much reliance on other teams to execute them. Blueshift has allowed our lean marketing team to be nimble and self-sufficient. We now have the power to spin up any advanced campaign idea quickly and test it on the fly.”

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