Experience the power of your data with our CDP starter pack. Easily ingest and consolidate customer data, activate and segment audiences, personalize customer journeys, and analyze performance.


Explore the Benefits

  • Up to 100k events tracked (per month)
  • Up to 10,000 profiles
  • Unified customer profiles
  • Build dynamic audiences
  • Audience Insights
  • Cloud app destinations (10k per month)
  • Website personalization (10k per month)
  • Sync up to 5 paid media audiences


Unlock Your Data's Potential

Unify and organize customer data from any source for rich customer profiles.

  • Create 360-degree profiles for every known and anonymous user with cross-device identity resolution.
  • Ingest customer data from any source including data warehouses such as Snowflake.
  • Enable 1:1 cross-channel experiences leveraging real-time customer profile data.


Build and Analyze Audience Segments

Reach the right customers every time with easy-to-use audience segmentation powered by real-time customer data.

  • Easily create precise, auto-update audience segments for all of your campaigns in a matter of minutes
  • Define segments-based site activity, affinities, transaction history, and other custom data attributes.
  • Get valuable insight into audiences in real-time, without reliance on engineering or analytics teams.
  • Slice and dice goal metrics by custom properties to identify new opportunities and allocate budgets effectively.
All channels in app hub


Integrate Your Marketing Channels

Effortlessly configure and connect to your favorite cloud app destinations with an intuitive, no-code app hub.

  • Choose from a growing library of integrations or easily connect your own custom apps.
  • Sync audiences to paid media destinations to optimize paid media budgets and targeting using first-party data.
  • Extend beyond traditional marketing channels to include support, call centers, CRMs—including Salesforce—and more.


Deliver Personalized 1:1 Journeys

Orchestrate hyper-personalized and responsive customer journeys that adapt in real-time across marketing channels.

  • Easily automate seamless journeys that connect both marketing and CX touchpoints.
  • Activate audiences across paid media destinations in just a few clicks, including Facebook, Google, and Tiktok.
  • Personalize messages at the moment of engagement based on a complete customer understanding.

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