View the key sessions from Blueshift Engage 2024, our premier event series for B2C marketers. Hear from modern marketers at Sweetwater Sound, U.S. News, 14 West, and more about creating personalized customer journeys across channels using data and AI.


Explore Strategies for Data, AI, and Cross-Channel Marketing Success


Mastering Marketing in the Age of Data and AI

Vijay Chittoor, Co-Founder & CEO, Blueshift

Blueshift CEO highlights insights and actionable strategies to stay ahead in this evolving era, where harnessing the power of data and AI is the key to mastering the art and science of marketing.


Driving Growth Through Next-Gen Marketing Technology

Vineet Mahajan, Chief Technology Officer, U.S. News
Vijay Chittoor, Co-Founder & CEO, Blueshift

A fireside chat on how customer data activation drives growth and how to architect a CDP alongside a modern technology stack.


Unlock Audience Insights

Soubhik Dawn, Head of Product (Engagement), Blueshift

Discover how to use real-time analytics to get actionable customer insights, understand the impact of different cohorts, and analyze how different customer cohorts impact your top line and bottom-line metrics.


Elevate & Engage: Rich Data's Impact on Customer Experiences

Ben Savage, Director of Digital Marketing, Ent Credit Union
Joan Jenkins, Chief Marketing Officer, Blueshift

A fireside chat on using data to forge lasting customer relationships that go beyond transactions. Discover how Ent Credit Union drastically increased engagement, member growth, and efficiencies.


Combining the Power of Content and Customer AI

Manyam Mallela, Co-Founder and Chief AI Officer, Blueshift

Blueshift Chief AI Officer shows the latest innovations to take GenAI to the next level with customer data.


Driving Engagement with Dynamic Personalization and AI

Jeff Ekblad, VP of Marketing, Sweetwater
Mannie Frances, Senior Director of Customer Success, Blueshift

Dive into the world of AI-driven dynamic personalization for meaningful engagement. Explore innovative use cases – from AI-powered recommendations to web personalization.


Upcoming Innovations in the Months Ahead

Soubhik Dawn, Head of Product (Engagement), Blueshift

Discover new innovative features across automation, integration, and insights as we walk you through our product roadmap.


Reducing Time-to-Value with Blueshift and Databricks

Stan Szeto, Director of Solutions Consulting, Blueshift

Discover how to immediately mobilize and unlock the full potential of your data to drive more 1:1 personalized intelligent customer engagement by connecting Blueshift’s direct integration to Databricks.


Uniting CDP & Marketing Automation to Elevate Customer Engagement

Cat Covert, Senior Manager, Lifecycle, U.S. News
Nicholas Chappell, Product Owner, 14 West
Todd Ilberg, Vice President, Customer Success & Solutions, Blueshift

Explore the combined power of marketing automation and CDPs. Discover how this dynamic duo accelerates efficiency, personalization, and campaign impact to propel your strategies to new heights.


Trends & Best Practices for Marketers

Shamir Duverseau, Co-Founder, Smart Panda Labs
Tim Perry, Co-Founder, Solvenna
Amit Raghavan, Partnerships, Blueshift

Hear top best practices and trends from experts in the industry.


Expand Your Knowledge with Expert Insights

Discover additional insights and best practices from innovative marketers.