Introducing Predictive Channel Engagement Scores

Introducing Predictive Channel Engagement Scores

Blueshift, for nearly 6 years, has been proud to offer cutting edge technologies that enable marketers to reach the right customers, with the right message, at the right time. Three years ago, Blueshift launched its Predictive Engagement Models to empower marketers with the ability to predict the likelihood of their customers performing desired actions such as purchasing an item, converting to a paid membership, or their likelihood to churn. 

With these models, marketers are able to build rich, highly-targeted audiences to use across their multi-channel campaigns. We then put this capability in the hands of marketers when we launched our Predictive Studio, a self-serve, intuitive interface to design customizable, transparent predictive models. To continue on this path, we’re excited to announce the launch of our enhanced Predictive Studio: Channel Engagement Scores.


Channel engagement scores predict the likelihood of a user engaging with a message on a channel such as email, push, in-app, SMS, and 3rd-party integrations. Channel engagement scores range from 0 to 100, with higher scores translating to the increased likelihood of a user engaging with a message on a specific channel. This allows marketers to autonomously select which channel is best for marketing to each customer on a 1:1 scale.

Unlike typical AI-powered Channel-of-Choice that only considers usage frequency over a recent time period, Blueshift’s engagement scores go much further and take into account your first-party data and different variables such as historical channel engagement from past campaigns, user page views, time spent on each channel, catalog interactions, transactions, user demographic attributes, tag manager events, and more. Our channel engagement scores autonomously update with the latest customer data, so you can be certain your message is sent to the best channel at every stage of the customer journey across channels and devices.

Predictive Scores by channel


When creating new, customizable metrics and goals, scores can be defined with default inputs based on channel and behavior data in the platform. Marketers that know their business inside and out can adjust these inputs to their specific needs and further improve the model through advanced options.

  • Highly customizable models for your business requirements and need. Predictive models are optimized and completely adaptable to consider all relevant data inputs that matter to your business for optimal predictive performance.
  • Trust and transparency, with a whitebox approach by providing complete visibility into the predictive models with train, test and validation split summaries, along with the most important behavior features and user attributes.
  • Performance analysis with full reporting into model predictions against actual observed values, allowing marketers to track if channel engagement scores are optimized for their business use-cases.
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Channel engagement diagram


Marketers can improve IP reputation and brand health by ensuring your multi-channel campaigns target and reach the right users that want to be messaged, and on their preferred channel that drives action. For example, only email those customers with high email channel engagement scores — this ensures emails are sent to the users most likely to engage and take further action with your brand improving reputation and inbox deliverability.


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Channel Engagement Scores enrich Blueshift’s Single Customer Views, making them more comprehensive than before and allow greater accuracy when messaging across channels. Marketers can build precise customer segments by leveraging the new channel engagement scores to better target and interact with customers throughout the lifecycle and better understand changing channel preferences. Channel engagement scores are accessible in Blueshift’s Multi-channel journey builder to create meaningful customer experiences that are optimized for conversion. This will further tie marketers from ev


With the power of Blueshift’s Customer Data Activation Platform (CDAP) it’s easier than ever before to win and retain your most high-value customers. The new enhancement of Predictive Intelligence with our new Predictive Channel Engagement Scores will optimize everything your marketing team delivers to customers for maximum impact.


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AI-driven campaigns target customers on the most effective channel, where the user will be the most receptive at every stage of the customer journey. In combination with our robust personalization capabilities, marketers can craft tailored messages that drive engagement and conversion on ideal execution channels. And, engagement fueled intelligence powering marketing, in turn, begets more engagement. When customers are messaged on the most optimal channel with highly engaging and relevant messages, they’re more likely to interact with your brand, stay loyal, and less likely to unsubscribe or churn.