Blueshift named a COOL VENDOR by Gartner for our Patented AI-Powered Marketing Platform!

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Next Best Offer
1:1 Content & Offers for Each Customer

Use AI to determine the next best offer for each customer.

  • Customize Your Recommendation Logic: Adapt the AI to suit your business logic
  • Use Recommendations on Every Channel: Easily deploy on websites, mobile apps and email
  • Measure and Test: Measure user engagement, and optimize

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Cross-Channel Orchestration
Orchestrate across owned & paid channels

With Blueshift, you can deliver real-time personalized experiences on every channel.

  • Email
  • Mobile app
  • SMS
  • Website
  • Ads: Display, Facebook, Google
  • Browser push notifications
  • Messaging & chat platforms
  • Direct Mail

Single Customer View
Unified Customer Data

Customer profiles that update with every customer interaction with your brand, be it a known customer or an anonymous one, across channels and platforms.

  • Easy Data Ingestion: APIs, SDKs and out-of-the-box integrations
  • Unified Identity: Cross-channel and cross-platform identity for known and anonymous customers
  • Data Modeling:Link customer actions to business objects like transactions or products

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360-Degree Customer Profiles

Your customer record is no longer static! Customer profiles in Blueshift update in real-time with every customer interaction, to present you a single customer view.

AI-Powered Recommendations

Is your recommendation engine a black box? With Blueshift, marketers can be in full control of their recommendation logic, and deploy it with ease on every channel.

Predictive Segmentation

Stuck in list-pull hell? Use Blueshift’s predictive segments to zoom in on the right users.

Trigger Based Automation

Say no to batch and blast. Trigger every engagement based on customer behavior.

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