Winning the Streaming Wars: A Step-by-Step Marketing Guide

Winning the Streaming Wars: A Step-by-Step Marketing Guide

Breaking news: customers are waging war from the comfort of their couches. Okay, so maybe it’s not exactly war — and not exactly breaking news. For media marketers like you, the streaming wars have been going on since before the COVID-19 pandemic, yet it continues to grow in scope. In 2020, the number of subscriptions to online video streaming services around the world reached 1.1 billion, with 62% of respondents in a May 2020 survey stating that they or someone in their household was currently subscribed to a streaming service.

Although at least 150 million paid subscriptions to streaming video-on-demand (SVOD) services are projected to be canceled worldwide in 2022, streaming isn’t going anywhere. Content investment, primarily by subscription streaming services, is projected to exceed $230 billion over the course of this year. Streaming platform users aren’t necessarily putting down their remotes or giving up their subscriptions, but they are getting pickier about which streaming services are worthy of their loyalty.

Continue reading to discover key insights, trends, and tips to enhance your media marketing strategy and win the streaming wars in 2022.


Your Audience Has Gone Global

As we enter a new era of streaming, content is becoming increasingly universal; language barriers are no longer seen as an intimidation factor. With options for subtitles and advanced voice-over dubbing, users can enjoy content from all over the world without feeling excluded or constrained by the language they speak. From South Korea to Spain, some of the most-watched hit shows of 2021 came from countries outside of the U.S.

This demand for a variety of content, according to MarketWatch, is giving streaming platforms even greater reason to turn their attention to producing — and targeting — internationally. After all, if audiences engaging with streaming platforms are global, doesn’t it make sense for their content to be representative of that? Being in tune with your users across the globe and keeping them engaged requires tailoring your marketing strategy to their unique behaviors and interests.


Binge-Watch Is Out, Weekly Release Is In

Binge-watching is so 2020, right? Following the first year of pandemic-induced boredom — and, consequently, TV marathons — streaming platform users have embraced the value of suspense (while avoiding burnout), opting to watch one or two episodes at a time instead of bingeing an entire season in the same sitting. In response to this user preference, streaming platforms are changing their release strategies; in fact, according to The Ringer, 62% of the top 50 new streaming shows of 2021 used a weekly release strategy, up from about 30% the previous two years.

However, this shift doesn’t mean that binge-watching is completely out the door. Instead of zeroing in on a singular content release strategy, streaming platforms are learning the value of having a comprehensive, 360-degree view of each customer. That means that your streaming platform should be tailoring content releases to specific audiences instead of taking a one-size-fits-all approach.

Marketing continues to evolve as customer-centricity takes the driver’s seat, so if you’re ready to implement a unified omnichannel engagement strategy, make sure your content releases are personalized to individual customers and their respective target audiences.


1:1 Recommendations Are Essential

Speaking of personalization, a key component of connecting with your customers is making sure that you’re tuned into their wants, needs, and expectations. Especially when it comes to content, users expect to see personalized recommendations based on their interests (stated and inferred) and previous browsing behaviors.

Think about it from their POV: isn’t it frustrating when you’re recommended a show that you’ve already watched — or one that doesn’t even sound interesting to you? When you suggest appealing content that feels personalized, your users will want to return to your streaming platform time and time again.

Here is a list of top recommendation themes to use in marketing campaigns for your streaming platform:

  • Most Popular & Trending – Suggest the most viewed, liked, or shared articles, videos, shows, podcasts, or other content from the last day, week, month, etc.
  • Recent Content – New, fresh content is perceived to be more desirable. Highlight the latest content from the day, week, month, etc.
  • Upcoming Releases – Pique their interest by providing users with a preview of the content they’ll soon be able to access.
  • Free Preview – Provide limited free access to premium content for users who have a lower subscription tier.
  • Expiring Content – Create urgency and play up FOMO (fear of missing out) by highlighting content that will no longer be available soon, either to everyone or based on their subscription.
  • Seasonal Content – Be topical and drive immediate engagement by showcasing seasonal or time-bound content.

Content recommendations can be specific to a variety of user attributes, such as location, category affinities, stated preferences, or subscription type.


UX Sets Your Streaming Platform Apart

To put it bluntly, the recommendations mentioned above won’t matter if your user experience doesn’t keep customers coming back to your streaming platform. Subscription fatigue is real, and if customers have the chance to limit their subscriptions to stay loyal to their favorite platform, they will. According to Dacast, to combat subscription fatigue and make a platform stand out from the rest, a positive UX (i.e., easy-to-navigate interfaces and a substantial selection of content) must be at the top of your priority list.

As a marketer, you know how stiff the competition is when it comes to the streaming wars — customers have an overwhelming number of options to choose from with dozens of streaming services available. With the right marketing platform at your disposal, you can activate your customer data using AI-powered predictive intelligence to enhance every interaction and create consistently engaging customer experiences.


Our Marketing Is Smarter

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