Kick Off the New Year with 5 Tips for Omnichannel Marketing Strategy Success

Kick Off the New Year with 5 Tips for Omnichannel Marketing Strategy Success

As technology advances, businesses must keep up in order to see (and be seen by) customers across all of their favorite platforms at any given time. To scratch this technologically advanced itch, smart marketers turn to marketing automation strategies like omnichannel marketing to give customers the brand experience they need when and where they want it for the most positive brand experience possible.


What Is Omnichannel Marketing?

Omnichannel marketing is a marketing automation strategy where a brand or business makes all of its products and services available to customers on the most relevant channels, platforms, and devices.

An omnichannel marketing strategy allows businesses or brands to be everywhere they want to be so they can best serve their customers no matter where they are browsing, shopping, or searching. Some of the benefits of an omnichannel marketing strategy are:

  • Improved brand experience through a seamless online and offline experience
  • Improved customer retention and client satisfaction rates
  • Increased conversion rates, revenue, and ROI
  • Real-time insights for stronger data analytics

Here are five tips you can use to make your omnichannel marketing strategy a success.


Employ a Customer-Centric Marketing Strategy

By creating a custom journey map and using the right AI marketing and customer data platform (CDP) tools, you can improve customer acquisition, growth, and retention through a dynamic one-on-one experience with your target audience. In 2020, Blueshift’s AI marketing platforms delivered 7x more customer engagement, 3x more revenue, and 234% higher conversion rates than those who did not utilize AI-powered, customer-centric marketing tools.

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Customize Messages Based on Each Customer’s Data

Give each of your target customers the tailored message they need to connect with your brand. Customer data platform tools make your job of creating these next-level, customer-centric campaigns simple.


Send Perfectly Timed Messages

You know that saying “right place, wrong time”? Don’t let that be your campaign’s motto. With audience segmentation, you can use your customer’s site activity to craft the marketing automation strategy that gets to your customer when they are most likely to purchase, engage, or perform the desired action.


Optimize Every Campaign Element

Your omnichannel marketing strategy is only as strong as its weakest link. Don’t let inefficiencies in one part of your marketing automation strategy affect your brand experience or desired outcome. Optimize every campaign element to create a seamless, unified journey spanning across every channel, platform, or touchpoint you’re using to reach your target audience.


Evolve with the Customer’s Channel Preferences

Technology wouldn’t be technology if it weren’t constantly evolving. To keep up with your customers’ ever-changing, technologically driven browsing habits, your brand experience must evolve with customer expectations. Luckily, you can keep track of this all in one place with Blueshift’s predictive intelligence tools, making it easier than ever to pivot your marketing automation strategy, giving your clients the best brand experience time and time again.


Get Started on Your Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

Whether you’re looking to implement a marketing automation strategy in your business or improve the one you have, Blueshift makes it simple to get the answers and insight you need to make the best choice for your needs and goals.

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