The ROI of the SmartHub CDP

AI-powered marketing campaigns increase customer engagement by 7x and revenue by 3x

With so many marketing platforms on offer (almost 8,000 as of 2020), it can be difficult to differentiate the just ok platforms from the ones worth their weight in gold. A great place to start when vetting the perfect platform for your needs is through comparing ROI.

We don’t mean to brag, but the ROI of the SmartHub CDP is pretty fantastic and has been proven time and time again — for marketers across any company size and vertical. Why is ROI so consistent and great with the SmartHub CDP? Check out the early parts in our series on the platform to dive deeper into what makes the SmartHub CDP truly great, how it works, and why its unique blend of technology sets it in a league of its own. In this part of our series, we’ll break down the fantastic ROI real marketers have seen from using the SmartHub CDP.

The ROI of the “Smart” — Examining AI

One of the key differentiators of our SmartHub CDP is its patented AI that empowers marketers to do more with their data. With AI at the core of a SmartHub CDP, it enables so many crucial features that make marketers successful when used in tandem with first-party data.

In our ROI of AI Report, we analyzed over 3 billion marketing messages sent through Blueshift’s SmartHub CDP to determine what impact AI had on ROI. The results are pretty incredible:  AI-powered marketing campaigns increase customer engagement by 7X and revenue 3X. What’s more, our AI is continually learning and making itself better. After continued use, AI drove an additional 50% lift over initial results.

Getting more granular, AI-powered features like Engage Time Optimization (where AI and customer data find patterns to send at the best possible time for each customer to interact with your brand) drive a 234% higher conversion rate than those without. And campaigns using Blueshift’s AI-powered Recommendations have a 209% higher conversion rate. These campaigns are so effective because of their ability to leverage AI against a complete Single Customer View, which houses all of a customers’ historical, real-time, demographic, and transactional data. These AI-powered campaigns adapt to each user in real-time, which creates a more tailored and unique customer experience.

The ROI of the “Hub” — Examining coordinated marketing

We previously mentioned that everything in your stack runs off of data from the Single Customer View. It helps to think of customer data and the Single Customer View as the “gasoline”, whereas the Hub is the “engine” of your stack — it routes data, triggers messages, and connects all touchpoints to ensure everything functions correctly within the customer experience.

The ability to produce truly connected and cohesive omnichannel experiences is a huge contributor to marketing success and ROI. Our 2020 Benchmark Report confirmed that marketers using Blueshift’s seamless, omnichannel journey builder saw campaigns increase 283% in effectiveness, and conversion rates leaped by 331%. Our Hub capabilities directly contribute to $35M incremental revenue from streamlined work (less time spend coordinating campaigns, pulling data, etc) and automation for our customers.

The truly connected omnichannel journey of the future goes just beyond connecting a few channels, though. It involves delivering cohesive and consistent messaging across traditional marketing channels, advertising, and service channels — and the hub can help pull this off. With its countless integrations, marketers can connect to any ESP, CRM, customer support tools like Zendesk, and advertising channels like Facebook or Google Ads in just a few clicks

The ROI of the “CDP” — Examining unified data

At the core of everything our SmartHub CDP does is a strong foundation of customer data — this data is unified and made usable by CDP capabilities within the platform. So, just like a traditional CDP (which can be defined as “packaged software that creates a persistent, unified customer database that is accessible to other systems”), our CDP collects and unifies customer data from any source and creates an actionable, real-time Single Customer View that is ready to be activated across any channel or application.

While being able to effectively use customer data is priceless for what it can do to enhance the customer experience, Blueshift customers have seen some incredible quantifiable results from using customer data to the fullest. In Forrester’s Total Economic Impact Study of Blueshift, our SmartHub CDP was found responsible for 781% in total ROI, a $128 million increase in incremental revenue over 3 years, 20% increase in cross-channel campaign revenue across several different customers (and verticals) examined.

While the different components of the SmartHub CDP contribute greatly to ROI, the real magic happens when all 3 work together to make intelligent marketing easy. It’s no wonder that Blueshift customers have seen $1.8M in saved costs compared to previous solutions since making the shift to our SmartHub CDP.