Verbs not Nouns

Market to Verbs, not Nouns

Marketers have always believed in targeted marketing. In the past, targeting has meant building a database of customers and their attributes, especially demographic attributes like first & last name, gender, location, and more. In this…

Programmatic Relationship Marketing

Innovations in programmatic advertising have transformed online media buying, making the process more automated, targeted and measurable. Now programmatic is poised to revolutionize customer relationship marketing. I wrote an article on this…
Customer Journey

Why Marketer-Defined Customer Journeys are No Longer Adequate

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I shared my thoughts on PerformanceIN last week on why marketer-defined customer journeys are no longer adequate in the new world of perpetually connected customers. "..with the rise of the perpetually connected customer, consumer brands…
Personalization Fail

3 Tips To Avoid #Personalization #Fail

Marketing personalization holds the promise of delighting your users, and drive dramatically higher conversions. However, poorly executed personalization can sometimes lead to what can only be described as #personalization #fail. How can marketers…
stickiness and repeat customers

Cultivating Stickiness and Repeat Behavior With Mobile Commerce Apps

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Brand-loyalty & stickiness of customers have long been a problem for e-commerce, especially with price comparison on the web. However, in the new age of mobile commerce, early data is suggesting that apps might just be the cure that the…
Mobile ecom done right

Mobile E-commerce Done Right!

In 2014 the number of mobile users exceeded desktop users for the first time, accounting to 52.1% of all online traffic. (IBM report) This marked an important shift for marketers and how they communicate with their customers. The challenge facing…
Referral Marketing

5 Tips to Reignite Referral Marketing

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Referral marketing, or also known as word-of-mouth marketing, happens organically by enthusiastic or satisfied customers, but it can also be influenced by companies with the right strategy. You would naturally trust a friend’s opinion more…
Customer engagement

The Case For Predictive Segmentation – Part 1 of 2

Retention & Growth marketers are often interested in taking action on a segmented base of users. Classic segmentation methods include Lifecycle based segments: new, active, lapsed etc. Behavioral segments based on user behavior…
Push Notifications

5 Essentials For E-commerce Push Notifications

Mobile commerce is growing much faster than ecommerce. Mobile apps are not only extending commerce beyond the desktop, but also enabling new e-commerce use cases like  on-demand services. However, e-commerce apps tend to have much lower…
Customer engagement

How To Drive Customer Engagement This Cyber Monday [Infographic]

The phrase "Cyber Monday" first made an appearance in 2005, in a press release entitled "'Cyber Monday. Nine years later, it has become a quintessential part of our culture. Here are some ways brands and retailers can engage their customers…