“We’re a dynamic and fast-moving company. We needed a solution that could keep up and scale with our team. We selected Blueshift because they enabled us to collect, track, and act upon more data than ever before and use real-time website behaviors to drive more personalized experiences.”

Michal Halpern
Michal Halpern Conversion Optimization Manager, James Allen
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The Challenge

Recommend the most relevant products to customers based on online browsing behavior through a dynamic, real-time, personalized approach to rich first-party data activation.

The Outcome

James Allen increased website sessions and message volume with an agile and innovative approach to customer experiences by launching and automating key campaigns while staying true to their brand.


James Allen, a leading online retailer for diamond bridal jewelry, makes the process of online ring shopping more approachable through customized search filters and unique visualization features which include a 360 degree HD video of every product. Their long purchase cycle requires the right balance of delivering tailored product recommendations, while being discreet and respectful in their approach. They needed a dynamic, fast-response marketing platform to deliver personalized messages at key moments of the customer lifecycle based on real-time site behaviors.


Be More Agile and Innovative With Dynamic Customer Experiences

James Allen is a fast-growing and dynamic company that constantly tests new strategies. They needed an equally fast and dynamic partner to grow and scale with their team, and allow them to tap into their rich first-party data and real-time customer activities to deliver the personalized experiences optimized for their customers.

James Allen set out to find a solution that would empower them to:

  • Be agile and react quickly by surfacing relevant courses to convert more leads and upgrade free members to paid members.
  • Activate real-time behavioral data from across their website and email to deliver more relevant, continuous experience throughout the customer journey
  • Deliver personalized experiences that surface timely, tailored content and recommendations at key moments based on affinity, site browsing, historical behaviors, and more

“Blueshift’s Segmentation Engine and Recommendation Builder gives us a big advantage. We’ve seen tremendous results and an increase in engagement by effortlessly building precise audiences based on any event or behavior and delivering personalized recommendations based on their most recent activities on our website.”

Alina Sulkovsky
Alina Sulkovsky Email Marketing Specialist, James Allen

Pain Point

Disconnected Marketing Solutions Lacked Behavioral Data

James Allen had used numerous marketing automation solutions that couldn’t handle their intricate customer journeys of multiple touchpoints across their website and email. They needed a way to recommend the most relevant product from their dynamic catalog of over 300,000 conflict-free diamonds and hundreds of setting styles based on onsite browsing behavior. The team also had limited visibility into campaign performance and long waiting periods to resolve campaign glitches, which made it nearly impossible to determine what drove customer actions — leading to missed opportunities and lost revenue.

“One of the missing components in other solutions we evaluated was the ability to view an individual’s customer journey in a single, easy-to-use interface. With Blueshift, we can view each user’s whole customer experience and analyze every touchpoint and interaction.”

Michal Halpern
Michal Halpern Conversion Optimization Manager, James Allen


Scale Personalization Using Real-Time Site Behaviors

James Allen selected Blueshift because it was a fast, flexible platform that enabled their team to unify more data than before across their website events, campaign engagement, catalogs, transactions, and in-house tools and use it to deliver real-time, personalized experiences with truly tailored recommendations specific to each user and their lifecycle stage.

Leveraging a complete, single view of every customer’s journey and real-time behaviors, James Allen was able to launch and automate key campaigns including price-drop, abandoned cart, window shopping, welcome series, post-purchase, promotional series, and more. With automated campaigns running in the background, their team saved countless hours and resources.

The following capabilities were critical to James Allen’s success:

  • 1:1 Personalization allows their team to deliver personalized jewelry recommendations specific to each customer’s real-time context such as affinities, price points, and website behaviors
  • Campaign Journey Builder empowers their team to create and automate multi-stage cycles based on any event or behavior such as add to cart, browsed items, searches, and more through an easy-to-use interface
  • Advanced Segmentation provides their team with an intuitive audience builder to create advanced, precise segments that auto-update with the latest customer activity
  • Creative Studio allows their team to effortlessly create on-brand emails leveraging a comprehensive template library and customize it to brand graphics, logos, images, and more

“With the flexibility of Blueshfit’s creative studio, we are able to create more advanced, sophisticated templates. We are able to adjust images, text, product recommendations, and more that we couldn’t do before.”

Alina Sulkovsky
Alina Sulkovsky Email Marketing Specialist, James Allen


+17% Website Sessions Driven by Personalized Experiences

+27% Message Volume with Same Resources

Saved 10 Hours Per Week with Self-Serve Tools

Next Steps

To stay on course with the momentum they’ve had, James Allen plans to leverage Blueshift’s data and segmentation capabilities to improve its Facebook and Instagram campaigns through Audience Syndication. They also plan to use Blueshift’s Predictive Scores to better target users and tailor messages based on affinities such as diamond styles, band types, product round-ups, and more.