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Dynamic Experiences Within Email: Blueshift and Google AMP

We’re excited to announce the rollout of Google AMP for email within the Blueshift platform. This new integration will allow marketers to further enhance email personalization with dynamic and up-to-date content. The addition of AMP will make…

How To Set Triggered Messages for Better Engagement

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Time and time again, consumers have proven that they love (and will spend more for) agile experiences. Businesses who win over the most customers and keep them purchasing over and over are often the ones who react to consumers’ demands, wants,…

The 5 Fundamentals of Successful Email Deliverability

We recently reviewed what it takes to carve a successful path to the Inbox during the Holiday Season. And the truth is, the mailing practices discussed in our 2019 Guide to the Holiday Season hold true throughout the year. Building on positive…

Fast-Growing Real Estate Startup, Zumper, Scales Leads by 384% with Advanced, Predictive Recommendations

Finding a place to call home in a competitive rental landscape can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack - except that haystack is also full of fake needles, spam, and a slew of competitors. So how can renters find their perfect fit,…
Relationship marketing to the perpetually connected customer

Relationship marketing to the perpetually connected customer

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With multiple devices at their disposal, a customer’s path to a digital purchase now often spans both a mobile device and a desktop.  As an NYT article pointed out, “85 percent of online shoppers start searching on one device — most…