SMS Engagement Rates and How To Ensure Customers Love Yours

Mobile Marketing SMS Best Practices

It’s no secret that people use smartphones more often than any other device today. Paying attention to your SMS engagement rates is a smart move. In fact, SMS open rates outpace email by 78%, and 75% of consumers would like to have offers delivered to them via SMS. And because many consumers have their phones with them at all times, they are likely to see your text message. 

Despite a majority of customers wanting offers sent to them by SMS, 80% say their favorite brands aren’t doing it. If you’re not engaging your customers through SMS, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity, particularly since 90% of consumers who subscribe to an SMS loyalty program report finding value in it.

Engagement Rates

Reach a Large Audience with Little Effort

Embracing SMS increases the likelihood that consumers will see your marketing messages. In fact, 90% of SMS messages are read within three minutes, and should users choose to respond, they can do so within 90 seconds. Plus, since SMS is permission-based, your customers have already entered the funnel when they opt-in. 

SMS marketing is also effective, resulting in engagement rates six to eight times higher than email

Message Frequency

Send SMS Sparingly

Not as often as you might think. Although text messages are easy for customers to engage with and respond to, your customers still don’t want to be inundated with messaging. A majority of customers prefer SMS messages to be limited to two per month. 

Messaging more often could prompt your customers to unsubscribe, so getting the frequency right is critical. The good news is that SMS can now be triggered based on behavior, so your messages are welcomed rather than being discarded as spam. 

Time-Sensitive Content

Harness the Power of Promotion

Consumers love to receive promotions, and pulling up a text is easier than finding an email or carrying a paper coupon into the store. SMS can be a great channel for location-aware promotions and time-sensitive content. 

While SMS messaging has historically been siloed, taking advantage of AI and automation allows you to add SMS to your cross-channel marketing strategy with ease. For example, geo-fencing allows relevant text coupons to be sent as customers move in and out of a location. Plus, 70-80% of in-store, on-demand coupons are redeemed.

Brand Perception

Improve Your Image

Research has shown that a majority of customers now prefer communication through text, and 77% of consumers are likely to develop a positive perception of companies that engage with them through SMS, particularly when that extends to customer service. 

Consumers appreciate when companies go the extra mile. Sending order tracking via SMS results in adoption rates up to 80%. Moreover, among businesses that engage in SMS marketing, 79% report either higher revenue or better customer experiences.

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Ensure Your Customers Love Your SMS Marketing

Customers are engaged when you give them what they want: a personalized, omnichannel experience that is relevant to them. Make sure your business is taking advantage of real-time data and AI to tailor each customer’s marketing, plus optimize your campaigns with tracking and reporting

Integrating in-app and push is a smart strategy, too. Rich, personalized push notifications can now be triggered to drive higher response rates. Deep-linking to personalized in-app or landing pages will maximize your customer engagement. 

You can now take advantage of Blueshift’s powerful AI personalization across mobile apps, text, and push notifications to deliver seamless, relevant customer experiences. 

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