Branch and Blueshift: Enabling Seamless Cross-Channel Personalization

Branch and Blueshift Cross-Channel Personalization Partner Series

With Blueshift’s data activation and Branch’s deep-linking capabilities, marketers can now deliver frictionless personalized experiences to their users across all channels.

Let’s take the instance of Jane. Jane is browsing through her email on her smartphone during a short work break, and a promotion for a weekend getaway grabs her attention. Clicking on the email leads her to the app’s homepage, where she spends a minute or two looking for the promotional offer. Frustrated, she moves on to the next email — assuming the getaway is not meant to be — and makes alternate plans for the weekend. Not only did Jane not convert, she also had a frustrating experience with the app, making it less likely for her to go back.

In the example above, if Jane did not have the mobile app installed, she might have been taken to the right page on the mobile website in her browser, albeit without any of the advantages of frictionless transaction on the app. Just like mobile websites have URLs that can “deep link” to the right content, marketers need the ability to deep link into mobile apps. Additionally, they need the ability to automatically detect if the customer has an app installed or not, then route the customer appropriately to the deep-linked content on the website or the app accordingly.

That is why we are excited to partner with Branch, the leader in deep linking. Combined with Blueshift’s personalization and recommendation capabilities on email and mobile, our partnership provides the modern marketer a way to deliver seamless personalization to the perpetually connected customer.

Branch and Blueshift: Enabling Seamless Cross-Channel Personalization

Frictionless Experiences

What Is Deep Linking?

Deep links automatically take a user to in-app content or to the web if the app is not already installed. Mobile apps with deep links show 3x higher conversion than those without. Blueshift supports deep links at scale in both email (for web and mobile) and SMS/push notifications and provides full attribution from first campaign to final conversion.

Here is an example of Blueshift’s native support for deep linking:

Branch and Blueshift enabling seamless cross channel personalization

Deeper Engagement

How Can Blueshift Help?

Unlike other customer engagement platforms, Blueshift’s powerful AI listens to every customer behavior in real time and allows you to automatically add personalized content and product recommendations to customers on the most relevant channels. You can lead users to personalized in-app content or landing pages by adding deep links to your email, SMS, or push notifications — driving higher conversions across the board. Track and optimize campaigns as you go with full attribution and reporting across all of your marketing channels.

With data activation, marketing automation, and AI all in one platform — plus tech integration with — Blueshift allows you to deliver highly relevant and frictionless cross-channel experiences that lead to higher engagement, conversion, and revenue. Contact our team to schedule a demo and get started today!