MORPHeus Award Winners (Q4 2021): Meraj Bhawani and Mannie Frances

Morpheus Awards trivia question reading, "Which Blueshift Core Value(s) did Meraj Bhawani & Mannie Frances Demonstrate?" with the answer "Raise The Bar" selected.

We wrapped up Q4 of our 2021 fiscal year by celebrating the awesome teammates who make Blueshift possible. That’s right — the latest MORPHeus Award winners have been announced!

Our team accomplished a lot in 2021, and we recently launched our Benchmark Report 2022: Cross-Channel Marketing to start the calendar year off strong. All of this is thanks to the Blueshift employees who embody our core values day in and day out.

In our fourth quarter of 2021, we had 42 total nominations for the MORPHeus Awards — 10 more than last quarter — across multiple departments and locations around the globe. Because the end of our fiscal year had so many notable highlights, there were two winners chosen this time around: Meraj Bhawani and Mannie Frances.

Principal Software Engineer

Meraj Bhawani

Meraj, Principal Software Engineer at Blueshift based in San Francisco, was nominated for Raising the Bar. Here’s what one of his teammates had to say: “Meraj played a vital role with…a big project with multiple dependencies on different teams. From design, development, and migration, he has done a phenomenal job in helping us to take significant steps towards cost reduction, stability, and performance.”

“At Blueshift, we are always obsessed with customer success. I believe that success is the by-product of excellence. There is a very famous quote, ‘Pursue excellence and success will come chasing you.’ Every day I set a new bar for my work, and I firmly believe that raising the bar of excellence will result in success for our customers and our company as well. I truly feel humbled to be recognized for my work, and I hope I will continue raising the bar and take on bigger challenges that will bring more and more success to our customers as well as our company.” – Meraj Bhawani, Principal Software Engineer at Blueshift

Director of Customer Success

Mannie Frances

Mannie, Director of Customer Success at Blueshift based in Charlotte, was nominated for Raising the Bar and Playing as One Team. One of Mannie’s nominators shared these kind words about him: “Mannie is a great leader and is wonderful to work with. He knows his accounts extremely well and leads his team with confidence and grace. Mannie is a great asset for Blueshift and our clients.”

“At Blueshift, we truly operate by our core values, M.O.R.P.H., each and every day. Q4 2021 was memorable for many reasons, and being recognized as a MORPHeus Award winner is powerful and humbling for me! I feel lucky and blessed to be part of such a strong team of amazing individuals with incredible support from leadership. I approach my work with clients and internal teams with pride, integrity, and a hands-on approach, seldom thinking about accolades or recognition. With that in mind, I am extremely grateful and thankful for the recognition and validation that this award represents. This is more fuel for the rocketship, providing inspiration and momentum to carry into the new year. Go Blueshift!” – Mannie Frances, Director of Customer Success at Blueshift

Congrats, Meraj and Mannie! Keep tuning into our blog to discover the Q1 2022 MORPHeus Award winner next quarter.

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