As a credit union marketer, your mission is to help your members — whether they’re buying a house, looking for the right credit card, or investing in their future. With 71%1 of consumers preferring to manage their bank accounts through digital channels, effective digital engagement is key. Blueshift gives you the tools you need to deliver exceptional, data-driven member services that speak to their unique financial needs.

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Ent Credit Union Increases Member Engagement and Gains Efficiency

Ent Credit Union leverages Blueshift’s customer data platform (CDP) to unify data from all sources, enabling efficient cross-channel marketing and scalable personalized member engagement.

Key Results with Blueshift:

  • 200+ actionable data points for each member profile
  • 32% increase in member engagement 
  • 25+ hours saved on segmentation
  • 259% increase in engagement with more informed CD Maturation campaigns
  • 155 automated workflows launched
Increase in overall member engagement
by activating unified data
Increase in engagement with welcome messages with personalized recommendations


Credit Unions Win Big With Blueshift

Seamlessly unify data from all sources and make it readily actionable across all channels.

Actionable Real-Time Member Profiles

  • Collect, unify, and activate valuable data for hyper-targeted audience segmentation and personalization
  • Maintain continuously updated, comprehensive member profiles in real-time
  • Deliver meaningful and impactful member experiences across a variety of marketing channels using actionable data
  • Optimize efficiency by centralizing all customer data in one platform

Precise, Auto-Updated, Ready-to-Use Audience Segments in Minutes

  • Easily create precise, auto-updated, ready-to-use audience segments for all of your campaigns in a matter of minutes — no SQL expertise needed
  • Create and launch sophisticated cross-channel journeys that trigger off key events, such as changes in credit score
  • Continuously update segments in real-time and adapt to customer data without impacting storage or speed

Create Intentional Member Experiences Powered by Real-Time Data

  • Design ideal member experiences that trigger the right messages at the right touchpoints
  • Optimize efficiency with automated workflows, dynamic content, shared assets, and more
  • Trigger messages based on members’ real-time behaviors, activity levels, interests, and more
  • Scale seamlessly with intelligent automation

Deliver Convenient, Personalized Banking Experiences

  • Recommend the right products for each member to build trust and confidence in your brand
  • Improve the member experience with seamless cross-channel engagement, including online and offline channels
  • Automatically tailor content and product recommendations according to each member’s distinct preferences and affinities


Our Commitment to Data Security

Innovation thrives in a secure environment. Blueshift takes pride in keeping your data secure, adhering to the highest compliance standards. Simplify compliance with Fair Lending Laws and other stringent regulations by enabling easy blacklisting of specific attributes from targeting, and more.


See Blueshift in Action

Get started for free now or talk to us about the Blueshift platform and see how easy it is to connect all your data and drive customer-centric campaigns across marketing channels.