MarTech Recap: 3 Ingredients to Unlocking Next-Level Growth with a SmartHub CDP

MarTech Conference on the 3 ingredients to unlocking next level growth with a smarthub cdp

Couldn’t join us for our session at this year’s Martech Conference Virtual? Don’t fret just yet — we’re recapping here on the Blueshift blog! Let’s dive into the best bits, top takeaways, and finally, an on-demand recording of 3 Ingredients to Unlocking Next-Level Growth with a SmartHub CDP, featuring our very own Chief Growth Officer, Josh Francia.

How a SmartHub CDP unlocks growth potential

Firstly, let’s address the elephant in the room — what is a SmartHub CDP and how does it impact marketing? The SmartHub CDP connects applications around a deep customer understanding and uses it to direct interactions in real-time, enabling brands to deliver relevant, connected experiences throughout the omnichannel journey.

Blueshift SmartHub CDP transparent flow diagram

“SmartHub CDPs emphasize marketing orchestration and personalization that by nature require both granular customer data analytics and controls for event-triggered and planned campaigns or journeys. The solutions are most likely to fit in a hub-and-spoke configuration that allows marketing teams to focus on sending instructions to execution solutions from a single interface obviating the need to log into several. Predictive analytics, segmentation, and whiteboard or canvas-style interfaces for customer journey design are common, and support for real-time offer management may be more suitable for triggered messages than web-based personalization.” Source: Gartner

The 3 key ingredients for CDP success

The 3 ingredients that will make the biggest impact on your marketing are:

  • Leveraging Predictions: Use AI to answer the “Who, What, Where, and When” of marketing to target your ideal customers with the right messaging.
  • Personalize Everywhere: Reduce friction by showcasing relevant, personalized content at every customer touchpoint.
  • Grow Loyal Customer Base: Even after you’ve acquired customers, you need to constantly be optimizing the customer experience across your campaigns. By always deepening personalization and delighting customers with relevant experiences, you’ll grow lifetime loyalty without spending money on re-acquisition.

“We did a recent survey and we asked marketers that use AI, ‘had a seen success? Have they seen a lift in their marketing, in their campaigns, and in their results?’ And 98% of them said, ‘Yes! We’ve seen fantastic results from using AI.’ And in my personal experience, I know for a fact that’s true for marketers using AI — everyone sees great results.”

“Imagine the next time you call a customer service line, they answer and immediately know who you are, what your most recent interactions with the brand were, and how they might already be able to assist you — that’s the personalized relevance. Personalized relevance really means everywhere that customers interact with your brand, you ensure it’s a great, comfortable, and seamless experience.”


“Personalize everywhere. Everywhere your customer is, figure out and approach the experience from their perspective, not the marketer’s perspective. They will judge the brand on their experience throughout the brand, not just during the transaction or purchase experience.”

We have 4 key resources that can help kickstart your journey with a SmartHub CDP:

Want to learn more? Watch the full session on-demand below or reach out to one of our SmartHub CDP experts to learn how Blueshift can help you.