The 50 Essential Questions You Need Answered

The right CDP can help marketers use the entirety of their data to delight customers with relevant, timely interactions across every channel. But, not all CDPs are created equal.

Download Blueshift’s CDP RFP Template and get answers to the 50 essential questions you need to ask when comparing CDP vendors.

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5 Key Requirements to Include
In Your Customer Data Platform RFP


Real-time data ingestion and profile unification, that is immediately accessible and actionable


The ability to apply AI for robust segmentation, predictive intelligence, and recommendations


Orchestrate timely interactions across email, mobile, web, media, and the entire customer experience

Privacy, Security,
and Compliance

Support data privacy preferences and strict adherence to privacy compliance regulations

and Services

CDP that is flexible, reliable, scalable, and extensible with dedicated onboarding, and success resources


Frequently Asked Questions

Blueshift’s SmartHub CDP easily ingests online and offline data from all data sources and internal systems, from across channels and devices — regardless of structure. Blueshift users have a complete, always up-to-date view of all your users. Our platform captures all data types, including behavioral, event, transactional, and user attributes throughout the customer lifecycle.

Blueshift takes a flexible approach to identity resolution — the platform builds a single, 360-degree profile for each of your users by tracking behavioral, event, and attribute data for both anonymous and recognized users across devices and sessions using customizable identifiers. The SmartHub CDP can support customers’ use cases where account, group, and householding data model is applicable. In this scenario, different customer profiles are linked to a common parent entity called a group. These profiles will merge and update in real-time as more user information is collected.

Blueshift offers an easy-to-use, drop-down segmentation builder that allows you to build precise, highly-targeted segments using a rich set of user attributes, real-time behavioral data, lifetime activity, demographic data, transactional data, Predictive Scoring, and more — all pulled directly from user profiles. Using our segmentation builder, marketers are empowered to easily create rich and sophisticated audience segments based on any data element within Blueshift, without having to wait for manual list pulls or exhaust IT or data engineering resources.

Blueshift provides standard predictive models out-of-the-box, including conversion, engagement, churn, and retention models. Blueshift also provides the flexibility for you to create your own custom predictive models that are tailored to meet your specific business requirements. In addition, we offer channel engagement predictive models to better understand a user’s likelihood to engage in a specific channel. Out-of-the-box, Blueshift provides channel engagement predictive models for the following channels: email, SMS, push, and in-app.

Blueshift provides a visual campaign journey builder where you can easily create anything from a single message to sophisticated, automated omnichannel lifecycle journeys that respond to your customers’ affinities and most recent behaviors all within an intuitive, marketer-friendly campaign builder.

Blueshift offers a truly omnichannel orchestration and execution platform with campaigns that incorporate every marketing channel as well as other CX channels and applications. Our Cloud Apps capability allows you to integrate your existing tech stack and extend into any existing channels you already use. You can design experiences that go beyond email, push, SMS, website, in-app, and Paid Media to include other apps and channels across your ecosystem, including messaging, customer support, chat, direct mail, IVR, CRM, analytics, and BI tools, and in-house apps.

By combining our built-in personalization and recommendation capabilities along with our channel and time optimization capabilities and predictive scores, you can fully personalize messages and the user experience in real-time and identify the next-best-action, whether it’s related to content, channel, or time, within the user journey to ensure that the right message is sent in the right channel at the most optimal time for every individual user.


Blueshift offers best-in-breed capabilities to trigger communications across all channels and touchpoints based on any user behaviors, user state changes, events, transactional status changes, as well as based on changes in product data, status, state, pricing, or any other product catalog changes. Changes to the user journey can result from either event-triggered or segment-triggered campaigns.

We provide an extensive library of over 70+ native off-the-shelf integrations with other martech, customer experience, and enterprise technology platforms. You can seamlessly integrate Blueshift with your existing technologies and deliver personalized experiences across all user touch points — either through our existing integration partners or our Cloud Apps feature.

Blueshift is highly flexible and scalable. Because we’re hosted on AWS, there are no data storage limitations, unlike traditional companies and marketing clouds. Blueshift has unmatched flexibility with how we handle data modeling — our real-time event processing and personalization latencies are sub-second. Blueshift has been proven within some of the most demanding environments in terms of both scale and volume with some customers sending over 1+ billion email sends per year, 100+M monthly active users, and over 10M personalized messages per hour.


Seamlessly Connect Your Marketing Stack

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We Take Your Data Seriously

Blueshift complies with leading privacy compliance regulations, including GDPR, CCPA, SOC2, and HIPAA. Data is encrypted at-rest and in-transit and we provide single-sign on with strong password requirements, two factor authentication, audit logs, and custom user roles and permissions.