Today’s marketing winners turn data, tech, and AI into a competitive advantage

Marketers who adopt best-of-breed technologies are finding that rather than acting as expensive replacement solutions or temporary bandaids, these platforms become bridges between their existing data, tools, and processes.

In this report, you’ll learn:

The root causes of today’s biggest martech challenges

Which approach is best for beginning to fill in your technology gaps

An in-depth look at what today’s marketing winners are doing differently

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Are Marketers Poised for Failure or Success in 2020?

As consumer behaviors have changed with unprecedented speed, many marketers have been able to survive by the skin of their teeth. But 2020 won’t be so lucky.

In this report from Blueshift and consumer insights and strategy consulting firm, Kelton Global, it’s revealed that the vast majority of marketers are missing a crucial element in their strategies and tech stacks.

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“With Blueshift we went from the stone age to the modern era in the blink of an eye. And our users have noticed the difference. We’ve never had a shortage of good ideas. There were just too few hours in the day and too much reliance on other teams to execute them. Blueshift has allowed our lean marketing team to be nimble and self-sufficient. We now have the power to spin up any advanced campaign idea quickly and test it on the fly.”

Brooke Young
Senior Marketing Manager, Skillshare

“Blueshift is a responsive partner that has grown with us, supporting our drive to provide the best-tailored content to our users, through the correct medium, at the right time. If we had stuck with our old system, we’d need to add a number of people across the board, data scientists, data engineers, and marketers, to achieve the complexity of what Blueshift does for us today.”

Russell Middleton
Co-Founder, Zumper


Full-circle customer view. Access live profiles of identifiable and anonymous customers that capture complete histories and real-time behaviors from every channel, device, and system.

Predictive intelligence. Personalize interactions with AI that powers sophisticated segmentation, recommendations, and message optimizations.

Automated decisioning. Scale campaigns and create adaptive customer journeys by automating decisioning, triggering messages, and incorporating self-learning optimization.

App framework. Activate customer data and coordinate connected experiences across every channel through our many integrations.


Powered by its patented AI marketing technology, the Blueshift Customer Data Activation Platform (CDAP) enables B2C marketers to unify their siloed data and use real-time customer insights and interactions to shape experiences across every brand touchpoint.

San Francisco based Blueshift was founded in 2014 by martech veterans Vijay Chittoor, Manyam Mallela, and Mehul Shah. Before starting Blueshift, the three founders saw first hand how marketing and engineers struggled to work harmoniously to activate data, and thus Blueshift was born.

Today, leading consumer brands such as LendingTree, Udacity, IAC and the BBC use Blueshift to transform their customer engagement.