How to Create an A+ eLearning Experience with Omnichannel

How to Create an A+ eLearning Experience with Omnichannel

With a growing number of options for continued education, eLearning marketers must create intentional campaigns throughout the lifecycle to drive student enrollment, engagement, and continued education.

From accelerating course discovery to driving class completion and encouraging enrollment in additional courses and programs, eLearning marketers must think about how to build momentum throughout the learning lifecycle.


5 Essential eLearning Campaigns

To start driving acquisition and retention for your eLearning platform, create smart omnichannel campaigns that keep students engaged throughout their online learning journey.

Here are five essential omnichannel campaigns for eLearning platforms:

1. Welcome Series

Trigger an automated, multi-touch welcome series that feels like a school orientation, including easy step-by-step guides and resources.

2. Course Completion Campaigns

To encourage course completion and improve the student experience, identify important milestones (such as due dates) and create campaigns around them.

3. Next Course Cross-Sell

Encourage continued learning by recommending the next best course based on that individual student’s learning goals and progression.

4. Retention Campaign

Create a triggered campaign series that reminds students of the value of your courses and encourages them to re-enroll or finish where they left off.

5. Abandoned Browse

Create an automated course abandoned browse campaign by highlighting courses that were previously browsed as well as similar courses that may be a better fit.

“Blueshift is a true partner in helping us deliver relevant and timely learning experiences to our students. Our team loves how easy it is to access and activate our first-party data and automate personalized experiences that drive material impact to our customer engagement and business metrics.” – Kenny Kim, Chief Marketing Officer, Udacity


5 Robust Blueshift Features for Online Learning

To make the campaigns above a reality, you need a marketing platform that can collect and activate your student data while maintaining a consistent brand experience on your eLearning platform. That’s where Blueshift comes in.

Check out these five capabilities within Blueshift that you can implement as a part of your marketing strategy:

1. Advanced Segmentation

Enable greater targeting, precision, and specific exclusions by leveraging dozens of diverse user attributes, events, and data from across channels. This feature allows you to use rich data to target the right customers, create precise segments, and easily trigger omnichannel campaigns.

2. Personalized Recommendations

Dynamically customize courses and offer suggestions to each student across their learning journey based on browsing and previous course engagement. Blueshift’s Recommendation Studio enables you to build and customize recommendations across all channels. Here are the top six eLearning recommendation themes:

  • Continue Course – Remind your existing students to pick up where they left off in their course curriculum.
  • Complete Course – Encourage students to finish a course when there are only a few assignments left.
  • Next Course – Showcase the next course or subject in a series based on a student’ specific learning path.
  • Newly Added – Suggest new courses relevant to a student’s learning path that may be of interest to them.
  • Popular Courses – Highlight trending courses that may be interesting and valuable to your newly enrolled and existing students.
  • Similar Courses – Recommend a course taken by other students on a similar learning path, or one with their favorite professor.
3. Omnichannel Orchestration

This feature makes creating and managing hundreds of campaigns across regions and adding sophisticated triggers to lifecycle campaigns a breeze. With Blueshift’s omnichannel capabilities, you can deliver dynamic student experiences, coordinate the full student journey, and optimize engagement with real-time insights.

4. Testing & Analytics

This feature quickly tests your marketing hypotheses and provides detailed cross-channel performance insights so you can optimize for engagement at every touchpoint. Blueshift offers powerful and granular testing capabilities, as well as a robust set of default, out-of-the-box best-practice reports.

5. Shared Assets

Scale marketing content by seamlessly updating and continuously changing promotional messaging that’s used across hundreds of templates. This gives you the ability to define the shared asset once and reuse it across multiple campaigns.