Blueshift Scores Top 100 Revenue Enablement Technologies of 2020 Award

Blueshift Scores Top 100 Revenue Enablement Technologies of 2020 Award

The past few years have seen incredible transformations within business and technology (and the intersection of these industries). According to the Revenue Enablement Institute:

“A mix of customer, demographic, financial, and market forces will finally force enterprises to take the digital transformation of sales seriously. These combined forces are being brought to a tipping point by the current pandemic induced displacement of sales teams and recession. This will accelerate the adoption of a 21st Century Commercial model that is digital, data-driven, and more measurable across all major sales organizations.”

The REI estimates that certain technologies that are able to fully take advantage of these shifting factors (like consumer and market trends) will be the technologies that become essential to revenue growth for businesses. In that vein, RE

The SmartHub CDP opportunity

We’re proud to be included in this list of movers and shakers and we wholeheartedly agree that technology that can capitalize on quickly evolving consumer trends will be the determining factor in success for the 21st-century business.

Just in 2020 alone, we’ve seen that businesses that are able to move quickly and adapt to changing customer behaviors are the ones that have come out stronger than before — our own customers have beat their own records this year and that’s no surprise to us (for more on the quantifiable impact of the SmartHub CDP, check out our 2020 Benchmark Report).

SmartHub CDP diagram

We attribute our success and many of the successes of our customers to a dedication to meaningful customer experiences powered by data and, of course, the SmartHub CDP. The SmartHub CDP enables marketers to do more with their raw data and deliver the experiences that drive revenue and growth for businesses. And we’re thrilled that a growing number of business authorities, like the REI, see that value as well.