Triggered Marketing Revisited: 5 Proven Reasons Why You Need It

Every few years the team here at Blueshift likes to take the pulse of triggered marketing. It’s at the core of what we do, we’re invested in determining the value it can bring to marketers, how it can be improved, and much more. As we rolled…

Trigger-Happy: Automated Emails To Customers Outpull Batch-And-Blast

Many brands know the value of triggered emails. But Blueshift has presented additional proof of their worth in Trigger-Based Marketing, a benchmark report released on Wednesday. For starters, email triggers pull an average 7.06% click-through…

A Glimpse Into Blueshift (Lockdown) Life

From the desk of Blueshift’s Amazing Officer Manager, Jessica Weber. As we’re approaching the end of week 13 of shelter-in-place, Blueshifters around the globe had a fun task during our weekly all-hands meeting: present how you’ve been…

Dive Deeper Into Your Multi-Channel Campaign Performance with Blueshift Insights

For the data-driven marketer of today, it’s not only important to send top-notch communications powered by first-party customer data — marketers need immediate access to actionable insights into their campaign performance to optimize their…

The Ideal Healthcare MarTech Stack

A marketing strategy that includes technology tools is essential for almost every industry, including healthcare. More than ever, hospitals and insurers have to work hard to communicate with patients and members in a personalized manner to provide…

Introducing InfoBip Support for Blueshift

For businesses looking to improve their multi-channel marketing strategies, finding the right solution can be overwhelming — especially when sending messages across channels in multiple countries. One channel marketers can’t forgo is SMS,…

5 Reasons Your Marketing Needs to Be Customer-Centric

Within marketing, and even business in general, there has been a paradigm shift. Historically, marketers were confined to a channel-centric lense, and so, that was how we marketed to customers. But, with advances to technology, web browsing…
Blueshift - What We Believe

What We Believe — A message of solidarity from our CEO

The events that have unfolded in the United States over the last few weeks, most recently with yet another tragic killing of a black person - George Floyd - at the hands of those charged with protecting us, have left the whole nation shocked.…

Blueshift Customer Stories: Tradera Increases Sales By 131% With Personalized Recommendations

Today’s customers are becoming more eco-conscious and budget-minded. They’re now shifting from buying goods from large brand corporations and instead, looking for a hassle-free, sustainable way to buy and sell goods. So, it’s no surprise…