Blueshift Customer Stories: Tradera Increases Sales By 131% With Personalized Recommendations

Tradera and Blueshift logos over an image of a woman on a laptop who's smiling and looking at a credit card

Today’s customers are becoming more eco-conscious and budget-minded. They’re now shifting from buying goods from large brand corporations and instead, looking for a hassle-free, sustainable way to buy and sell goods. So, it’s no surprise then that Tradera has grown to become Sweden’s most popular marketplace to buy and sell used electronics, household goods, clothing, and more on the web. It’s now easier than ever before for Tradera’s users to get exactly what they’re looking for at a fraction of the cost of retail — all while eliminating environmental impact and promoting sustainable buying habits.

As Tradera grew, their marketing team struggled to balance all of the moving pieces that came with an ever-changing inventory of millions of items up for auction and limited ability to collect dynamic customer data. To be able to deliver personalized auction recommendations at scale, Tradera needed a fully integrated system that could handle the demands of their dynamic catalog, varying product auction length, and ability to collect large amounts of unstructured data. This proved difficult, as many platforms on the market struggled to reconcile catalog data with customer data.

With no signs of their growth slowing down, it became clear that Tradera’s legacy ESP wouldn’t be able to meet their needs. Tradera’s team was wasting valuable time and resources to manually produce basic batch-and blast-campaigns — not the highly-personalized messages across channels that they wanted to deliver to each customer. To further complicate the situation, the team had almost no insights into their customer data, which was unstructured, hard to collect, and nearly impossible to activate. This made it even more difficult to address their customers in a relevant and timely manner. To make their goal of a truly 1:1 buying experience a reality, Tradera turned to Blueshift.


Once Tradera found Blueshift, it was very clear that the partnership would allow their marketers to achieve exactly what they wanted. Blueshift’s unique ability to understand complex listing data against customer data was key to the team. This capability would allow Tradera’s marketers to serve up timely personalized recommendations to each customer during the buying process. Additionally, Blueshift Single Customer Views enabled the team to collect, unify, and understand their first-party data better than ever before.

Because Blueshift could connect to all of Tradera’s existing tools, it was a breeze to get their campaigns up and running. Blueshift’s AI-powered segmentation and predictive recommendations made it simple for marketers to build on-brand, templated emails with custom recommendation blocks and deliver those messages to their most valuable customers — all autonomously. Blueshift made it easy for the Tradera team to surface 1:1 auction recommendations onto their site, allowing each user’s experience to be completely unique and tailored to their preferences.


Blueshift’s advanced segmentation engine and 1-to-1 recommendation capabilities have allowed Tradera to personalize every part of their customer’s experience, across their website, mobile, and paid media, “Our small, time-constrained team has been able to deliver personalized, 1:1 product recommendations across our website, mobile app, and email campaigns, at scale, which we could not do with our previous solutions. With Blueshift, we’re able to precisely target audiences across Facebook. We are able to divide our ads and target lookalike audiences such as our best users while keeping track of how different target groups and ads are performing,” said Alexandra Tham, Online Marketing Manager at Tradera.

With the power of Blueshift, the Tradera team has seen incredible results. Their team saw sales increase by 131% from using personalized recommendations and homepage click-through-rates have leveled up by 40%.

Their partnership with Blueshift has enabled this lean team to do more than they thought possible. What’s next for this dynamic duo? Tradera also plans to introduce a number of automated Push Campaigns and expand their advertising efforts beyond Facebook and Google with Blueshift’s seamless integration with Criteo.