Leveraging Blueshift and Criteo for Hyper-Accurate Audience Targeting

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Advertisers and marketers (and by extension adtech and martech) used to live in relatively separate worlds. Email marketers and advertisers may have had similar backgrounds, but their operating ethos and day to day were very different. Now, as the lines between traditional marketing and advertising have become blurred, teams become more cross-functional, and the catch-all position of digital marketers becomes more common, these two worlds are poised to collide (and already have).

Marketers and consumers alike are shifting their sights towards multi-channel marketing as the new standard for businesses. Multi-channel marketing involves coordination between every single brand touch-point to provide a truly seamless customer experience. Messaging and personalization from email to web, to digital advertisements, cannot be disparate — but that’s no small task from marketers already stretched thin. The key to pulling it off? You need to have the right tech stack backing you up.


With full transparency in mind, a smooth-running, fully-fledged multi-channel program can’t be built overnight. It requires strategic team buildingleadership buy-in, and as we’ll discuss here, selecting the right tech to get the job done.

At the heart of a successful multi-channel program is the concept of data activation., data activation is the process of having your marketing be informed by the fullness of your customer data. This is made possible when businesses collect and unify all incoming customer data sources into Single Customer Views. CRM, customer support, and channel feedback data can all be collected into this single source of truth, in a platform like Blueshift’s Customer Data Activation Platform (CDAP). AI processes then analyze and activate this data — which autonomously builds personalized customer journeys.

Having a solid foundation of data is only half the battle. Successful multi-channel strategies still require investment in best in class execution platforms. Blueshift is partnering with best in class technology partners who pick up the customer experience where data activation leaves off, and who are as committed to excellence as we are.

For the harmonious delivery of digital advertisements alongside traditional marketing efforts we’ve partnered with Criteo, a leading advertising and retargeting platform.


This turnkey integration bridges the gap between your owned channels and your paid media ad spending. In just a few clicks, Criteo optimizes your paid display ads across web, mobile browsers, and apps, while simultaneously leveraging Blueshift’s rich, real-time Single Customer Views and AI-powered intelligence.

With Blueshift’s comprehensive Adaptive Segmentation feature, marketers can push constantly updating segments of highly engaged customers into Criteo for retargeting across the web — this ensures that your most valuable customers are getting the right messages at the right time, on the right channel.


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Marketers can now advertise with the full power of their data and make decisions on the fly and craft ideal segments in a matter of seconds with our streamlined audience builder. All without the need to involve data science or engineering resources. SinceBlueshift’s unified CDAP is the source of truth, you can rest assured that your paid media efforts are consistently aligned with messaging and personalization across email, web, mobile, and push.

With this integration, Blueshift customers of all sizes and all verticals have seen stellar results bring previously impossible ideas to life. Online finance giants push their most valuable segments into Criteo to find look-alike audiences across the web, driving higher ROI, and reducing wasted ad dollars. In the ecommerce sector, this integration delivers personalized messaging inside display ads in the form of product recommendations, based on previous purchases, browsing data, and viewed items.

Marketers can select their most high-value, well-performing segments within the Blueshift platform and push these to Criteo to find similar, or look-alike audiences across the web. These segments are not only more accurate at finding ideal customers, ad spend can also become more strategic by eliminating ad spamming and messaging prospects that won’t identify with your brand or products.

All with bringing new customers into the fold, Blueshift users leveraging Criteo can also deliver precise retargeting advertisements when and where they’ll be most effective. Segment high-intent users who abandoned their carts and deliver highly-personalized ads across the web to drive them back to your brand. Marketers can also run more broad retargeting campaigns and push their site’s new items, most popular items, or seasonal offerings. Take completely creative control, or let Criteo and Blueshifts intelligence populate self-driving journeys optimized for conversion and engagement.