Introducing InfoBip Support for Blueshift

Infobip and Blueshift logos

For businesses looking to improve their multi-channel marketing strategies, finding the right solution can be overwhelming — especially when sending messages across channels in multiple countries. One channel marketers can’t forgo is SMS, as it’s extremely popular for international marketing and with younger consumers, and a huge driver of ROI. That’s why Blueshift has partnered with Infobip to provide world-class SMS support for our customers.


Since its founding in 2006, Infobip has connected marketers with the channels that matter most to their success. With offices worldwide, Infobip has become an industry leader in providing secure, SMS communication services.

Introducing InfoBip Support for Blueshift


Blueshift’s partnership with Infobip to bring its comprehensive SMS delivery service to the Blueshift platform, allowing marketers to leverage all their first-party data, build precise segments, all while feeding communications seamlessly through InfoBip. We’re thrilled to be working alongside a company that is known for its dedication to safely and securely delivering SMS worldwide. In just a few clicks, marketers can connect with InfoBip and begin delivering highly-targeted and timely SMS campaigns.

Our new integration goes beyond a simple one-way connection.  Our tight-knit integration with Infobip helps marketers easily track, measure, and optimize their SMS strategies.

  • Blueshift platform receives and tracks all webhooks sent from Infobip, which allows marketers to easily manage and track SMS subscriptions.
  • Infobip tracks open rates and click-through rates and then relays that information back to Blueshift so marketers can be certain their making decisions are always powered by real-time data.
  • Infobip can also further enable Blueshift users with reporting on bounce rates and other metrics key to their text-message marketing strategy.

Marketers using Blueshift and Infobip can leverage all of InfoBip’s powerful capabilities as they build out their trigger-based workflows and establish a two-way connection between the platforms for more sophisticated insights.

Having email, SMS and Push do the heavy lifting outside of the mobile application (re-engaging customers with personalized content and leverage in-app messages to extend and enhance customer experiences.

“The reason why SMS works so well is because it’s still an early adopter channel. Everyone else’s hesitation is your opportunity.”


This integration will take SMS marketing far beyond simple batch-and-blast messages. It will enable brands to deliver 1:1 marketing that fits seamlessly into overall customer journeys. Additionally, the InfoBip integration combined with Blueshift’s Channel Engagement Scores and Predictive Engage Time Optimization will allow marketers to identify and target users with a high likelihood to engage, interact, and take action upon your messages at the most optimal time throughout the day — during their shopping “sweet spot”.

With Blueshift, marketers aren’t confined to one channel like platforms of the past — data collected from Infobip can be used to enhance marketing messages across other channels such as email, mobile, and more. Additionally, our AI-powered segments can find your most valuable customers autonomously to ensure you’re always engaging and interacting with the right users without the need to manually build and update lists or wait on IT resources.


his partnership positions Blueshift and Infobip to provide highly secure and compliant messaging services for businesses with unique security needs. This attention to data privacy has proved to be extremely valuable for customers within the consumer finance and healthcare spaces, as these companies are subject to stricter privacy laws and regulations.

By using Blueshift’s Single Customer Views to power SMS through InfoBip, marketers can be certain they’re using ethically obtained data from their customers to power messaging that their customers want to receive. All of these processes are done at scale, while still being personalized at an individual level, so customers from the smallest of startups to multinational companies can use Blueshift for successful SMS marketing.