Forrester Study Shows $128M Revenue Lift, 781% ROI from Blueshift

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Trigger based marketing campaigns can
generate 4x more revenue and 18x greater profits

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Scaling Your Triggered Marketing Across Multiple Channels

Blueshift empowers you to deliver triggered marketing on
multiple marketing channels including



Automate email triggers with beautiful mobile responsive templates that you can control outside of code


Mobile Push Notifications

Deliver “rich” push notifications with visual & personalized content, and deep link to right areas within your app



Trigger SMS messages with promotional content, and use Blueshift’s url shortener to get end-to-end visibility on trigger performance



Scaling Personalized Triggers
for Email & Mobile

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Scale Beyond Basic Triggers

Automate multiple trigger types out of the box, including

On-boarding triggersTrigger emails or notifications to welcome customers. Educate customers about product features through timely triggers

Re-marketing triggersDrive down abandonment by re-marketing to Abandoned cart, Abandoned browse, or Abandoned Search users

Lifecycle triggersAutomate triggers for lifecycle stages to reduce churn and increase customer lifetime value

Customer milestonesCelebrate milestones like customer birthdays by triggering emails on these milestones

Catalog updatesNew product or content in your catalog? Price drops? Trigger emails to let customers know

RecommendationsSuggest relevant content based on what people browse and buy (e.g. post purchase cross-sell triggers)

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