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SMS can be a great channel for location-aware promotions as well as time-sensitive content. However, it is often handled in a silo without much automation, personalization or tracking. With Blueshift,  you can add now add SMS to your cross-channel marketing program with ease.


behavioral data

Minimize opt-outs by targeting the right users

Say no to SMS blasts. Target the right customers based on customer attributes, preferences, real-time behavior and predictive scores to increase engagement.

in-app content

Bring back customers to the store with geo-fencing

Bridge your online and offline marketing gap. Motivate in-store purchases with text coupons as customers move in and out of a location. Drive brand loyalty with targeted offers based on online behavior.


Optimize campaigns with tracking and reporting

Use Blueshift’s url shortener for SMS to get full visibility into SMS engagement – all the way to conversions. Get real time reporting across all channels –  from one dashboard.

rich push notifications

Drive open rates with behavior driven triggers

Avoid being discarded as spam. Send behavior-driven welcome, transactional and triggered messages like win back coupons, loyalty offers, catalog updates, and price drops that drive open rates.


Drive engagement with personalization and deep links

One-size does not fit all. Delight customers with relevant messages, recommendations, and deep link them to personalized in-app or landing pages to maximize engagement.

Easy to Integrate

Connect customers across channels and devices

Graduate from channel-centric to customer-centric. Easily integrate SMS into broader campaigns for a coordinated and consistent customer experience across all channels.

Deliver Delightful, Frictionless Customer Experiences
with AI-Powered Cross-Channel Personalization


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