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Direct Mail has traditionally been a batch & blast channel, with no personalization. Now, for the first time, you can send 1:1 automated Direct Mail to predictive high value audiences.

behavioral data

Automate your digital-to-print marketing

Go beyond traditional print mailing. Use our AI driven orchestration platform to design, setup and dispatch intelligent printed mailers in a timely and efficient way – whether sending to one user or a segment of users.

rich push notifications

Acquire, engage and retain with behavior driven triggers

Use direct mail for more than acquisition. Send postcards to welcome customers, win them back with cross-sell offers, congratulate them on milestones or send cards anytime during individual customer journeys.

in-app content

Optimize marketing budgets with predictive segmentation

Stop blasting to the wrong users. Use online browsing data, in-store behavior, and transactional data to understand your customers. Use predictive modeling to target high value segments for maximum ROI.


Drive engagement with end-to-end personalization

Avoid being discarded as junk mail. Delight customers with messages based on online behavior, recommendations, and bring them back to personalized landing pages or in-app content to maximize engagement.

rich push notifications

Create a unified customer experience across all channels

Move away from siloed marketing. Integrate direct mail with online channels for a holistic marketing strategy. Include QR codes, loyalty discounts and single-use redeemable coupons to increase mobile and email engagement.


Optimize campaigns with comprehensive tracking

Track beyond delivery metrics. Get full visibility into delivery, engagement and conversion. Optimize campaigns based on real-time cross-channel reporting – customized to your needs.

Deliver Delightful, Frictionless Customer Experiences
with AI-Powered Cross-Channel Personalization


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