Blueshift Customer Stories: BiggerPockets Increases Paid Subscriptions 2x with 1:1 Personalization Across Channels

Investing in real estate is top-of-mind for many of today’s money-savvy consumers, and businesses are taking note. Countless television shows, blogs, and content creators have hopped on the bandwagon, but where does an investment newbie start their journey, make the needed connections, and learn the tricks of the trade? The answer: BiggerPockets.

BiggerPockets is an online real estate community of over 1.3M+ professionals. It’s the go-to social network for everything real estate, and it’s quickly becoming a top destination for those looking to use real estate to better their financial future and make their HGTV-inspired dreams a reality.

BiggerPockets increases paid subs 2x with 1:1 personalization

BiggerPockets increases paid subs 2x with 1:1 personalization

The route to investment success is not a linear one, and this presented BiggerPockets with a unique challenge: how to deliver personalized content at scale and at the right moment while juggling a constantly changing catalog. At the end of the day, the team needed a marketing platform as agile as their business to level up from batch-and-blast, convert their growing user base, and optimize campaigns for retention and growth. Enter Blueshift.

Optimize Cross Channel Experiences + Make Career Moves

After piping all their data into Blueshift via the Segment integration, the BiggerPockets marketing team was able to expand both their Welcome Series and new user education campaigns, as well as introduce new trigger-based retention campaigns. Best of all, thanks to Blueshift’s AI-powered core, the BiggerPockets team could “set and forget” these new campaigns and spend their precious time on other high priority projects rather than campaign management.

This ease of workflow proved essential to the BiggerPockets team in more ways than one. “Blueshift has changed my career significantly in the last two years that I’ve been using it,” said Lauren Hogan, their Senior Director of Product Marketing. “It’s an easy platform, but it’s also smart: it does the day-to-day for me so I can hyper-focus on my own growth. I’ve proven so much value in our channels that I’ve gone from a team of one to leading a team of 3, and get to spend my time focusing on bigger projects.”

Results and Next Steps

BiggerPockets’ newly freed up marketers were able to increase new membership, reduce churn, and provide users with personalized content that eventually led to a 560% increase in annual sales.

Needless to say, they’re sticking with Blueshift.

What’s in the works now? More data! BiggerPockets wants to continue to bring in more customer data points to feed Blueshift’s intelligence and further upgrade their user experience. Read all about the quantifiable impact that Blueshift has had on BiggerPockets by downloading the full case study, or, if you’re ready to start investigating how AI might help grow your own marketing efforts, you can request a demo.