What’s the Real ROI of Data Activation?

Data activation is already a high priority for at least 58% of organizations

Marketers need to be smart with their technology investments — martech can be extremely resource-intensive (both in budget and time) to pull off. So, it’s important to be aware of ROI when entering a buying cycle for a new platform. ROI speaks to a broader measure of success and might be less niche than KPIs like increased conversions or engagement.

Data is so valuable it’s being hailed as the new oil, but data alone isn’t as valuable as you’d think. The key to realizing the true value of your data, and seeing astounding ROI in the process is through data activation. Data activation may not sound familiar to you, but it’s already a high priority for at least 58% of organizations who say it’s extremely important to enhance their systems for collecting and managing data. Let’s walk through what data activation means, and what the real ROI of activation for marketers.


Let’s take a step back and examine what data activation actually is — for an in-depth explanation and analysis check out our Data Activation Blog Series. But in short, data activation is the missing link between raw, siloed data and the ability to provide true 1:1 experiences and messaging for customers. This is achieved by unifying every source of customer data into live single customer views and then using AI-powered analytics to design self-driving campaigns that reach the best customers, at the best time, on the best channel — with hyper-personalized messaging.

Data activation requires technology that goes beyond simply storing or unifying data, like CDPs or CRMs, to be a viable option. Blueshift’s Customer Data Activation Platform (CDAP) does just that by combining the rationalization and unification of a CDP with the agility and automation of an AI-powered journey builder. The end result is a continuous loop of live data driving customer journeys from both internal data sources and channel feedback.


We’re confident that data activation sounds amazing in concept, but it’s just as impressive in practice — and there’s data to back that up. In the Forrester commissioned Total Economic Impact study of Blueshift, the CDAP was found to be responsible for 781% ROI across customers examined. This level of return was made possible by the CDAP’s unique ability to get more from available customer data, patented AI-powered decisioning, and quick start-up time.

Blueshift customers are consistently able to get up and running faster and therefore see ROI faster than ever before. Those who can quickly manage and leverage their data are reaping the benefits, including an 81% increase in ROI.  And in addition, Blueshift often replaces other platforms like CDPs and marketing automation engines, which decreases tech spend while also boosting engagement, conversion, and revenue. Check out the success stories of individual Blueshift customers for more detailed studies of the impact of the CDAP.

Want to learn more about how the right tech can free your data and boost ROI? If you’re just getting started with data activation, check out our full-length Data Activation Guide. You can also download the full Marketer vs. Martech Report for more insights, and demo our one-of-a-kind CDAP today.