The Smart Guide to Recommendations: Media and Publishing Is Here

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The way most of us nowadays consume media — whether it’s shows, movies, videos, podcasts, or articles — can be described in one word: binge. Maybe you’re guilty of watching all of Westworld’s first season in one sitting (hey, who doesn’t love a show about AI) or falling down a rabbit hole of new articles that all seem to link out to the perfect next read, we’re all accustomed to heightened user experiences where it’s extremely easy to keep going.

Luckily for media and publishing companies the “endless, yet curated” scroll giants like Netflix offer is totally attainable, no matter your team size or media type. Relevant, instant experiences can be achieved through leveraging personalized recommendations — with the help of recommender systems that run on AI and machine learning. To help marketers looking to understand how they can use content recommendations to uplevel the user experience across all of their channels we’ve made an addition to our Smart Guide series. The Smart Guide to Recommendations: Media and Publishing is here to teach marketers about the different content recommendation themes, how to select the right ones throughout your user journey, and best practices to add relevance across every interaction with your brand.

Why media and publishing brands need relevant, timely recommendations

Recommendations are no longer a “nice to have” in a media brand’s arsenal — they’re a need. Consumers expect the stories, videos, podcasts, and other content from their favorite brands to be curated to their individual interests, affinities, and recent behaviors. In fact, over 65% of consumers say that personalization influences how loyal they are to a brand.

But not only is there a ton to lose by not offering personalized experiences and recommendations, but there’s also a ton to gain by doing it well. Netflix credits its recommendations with driving 80% of what’s watched and projects recommendations save $1 billion annually from preventing canceled subscriptions. And don’t think just because your business might not have the resources or the budget Netflix has, that personalized recommendations, at scale, are impossible. Thanks to advancements in technology and marketer-friendly AI, it’s possible (and dare we say, easy?) to pull off 1:1 content recommendations across your entire brand experience, you just need the right tools and knowledge — and that’s where Blueshift and our Smart Guide to Recommendations can help.

What you’ll learn from our Smart Guide to Recommendations

In this Smart Guide, you’ll learn about the various types of content recommendations you can leverage, best-practices for how to leverage those themes at different points of the user lifecycle, and the creative, channel, data, and catalog considerations to make sure your recommendations are relevant and resonate.

This guide is a fantastic starting point for folks looking to start or perfect their content recommendation strategy, but it’s important to keep in mind that each business’ needs will shape their strategy — no two businesses should approach recommendations the same way. If you’re ready to move forward and flesh out a comprehensive strategy with world-class technology, reach out to one of our recommendation experts to see how we can help.

More about our Smart Guide series

Our Smart Guide to Recommendations: Media and Publishing is just one in a series of Blueshift Smart Guides that are available to access, now. We created these guides to educate marketers about the topics that are critical to business success today. In this series, we cover top tools, like Customer Data Platforms, up-and-coming technology, like marketer-accessible AI, and so much more.

You can discover our full library of Smart Guides here, and be sure to check out some of our companion courses on Blueshift Academy.


Learn about different content recommendation themes, how to select the right ones throughout your user journey, and best practices to add relevance across every interaction with your brand.