Fast-Growing Real Estate Startup, Zumper, Scales Leads by 384% with Advanced, Predictive Recommendations

Finding a place to call home in a competitive rental landscape can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack - except that haystack is also full of fake needles, spam, and a slew of competitors. So how can renters find their perfect fit,…

Blueshift Leadership Spotlight: Josh Francia, Chief Growth Officer

My path to Blueshift started way back in 2011 when I was leading the CRM efforts for an online travel company. After several years of double-digit YoY growth, our external technology systems started to break. We went through three ESPs in six…

Blueshift Customer Stories: Skillshare Boosts Enrollment 89% with AI-Powered Personalization

When it comes to picking online classes, abundance of choice can often slow the process, or sometimes even halt it completely -- especially when it comes to a class catalogue as broad as Skillshare’s. As their online learning community’s…

Going Beyond the CDP: An Iterable vs. Blueshift Showdown

In our Going Beyond the CDP series, we break down how we compare to other Customer Data Platforms (CDPs). In this edition, see how we stack up against Iterable. The main difference between Iterable and Blueshift is in the architecture. While…

The Rise of Customer Data Platforms: How CDPs Move Beyond Data Warehouses, DMPs and CRMs

We all know data is the key to better customer engagement; the question is how to best cultivate it? Knowledge is power. That’s why businesses today revolve around data. For marketers who have been challenged with delivering increasingly…

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