How Email Marketing Differs When It Comes To Mobile

How Email Marketing Differs When It Comes To Mobile

It’s no secret that people are increasingly relying on mobile phones for email. In fact, recent statistics show that 61.9% of emails are opened on mobile phones, and three out of five consumers check their email on the go. Making sure your email campaigns are optimized for mobile is essential for business today. 

Subject Line And Preview

Nearly half of email recipients make decisions on whether or not to open an email based solely on the subject line. When it comes to mobile devices, characters are limited, so you need to capture their attention with only 25 to 30 characters.

The preview text is also important, since it appears in close proximity to the subject line in essentially all email clients. Make sure to front load it; otherwise, the first sentence of your email will show up instead.

The preview text should work along with your subject line, perhaps displaying a key offer or witty phrase. Again, keep the most important part of your text within 35 characters to be sure it displays on all phones.

Personalize, Personalize, Personalize

Consumers don’t want to be inundated with mass email blasts. Personalized emails result in transaction rates that are six times higher than non-personalized emails. This is why it’s important to know as much as possible about your customers.

Blueshift provides a 360-degree customer view that allows you to keep track of unlimited customer attributes and automatically captures marketing engagement data. Such an approach enables you to segment your audiences so that each customer receives fewer, more relevant emails.

Choosing to use the customer’s name and suggesting products based on past purchases can also help with engagement, especially in the shorter emails necessitated by a mobile platform.

Keep It Short

Everything from your paragraphs, to the overall length, to the call to action should be brief. Keep in mind that your readers will have a narrow screen and don’t want to scroll incessantly.

When writing paragraphs, be aware of how they will display on a mobile phone screen. Put the most relevant information at the beginning. Customers reading on the go are easily distracted.

Keep your call to action under five words and consider using a button. Leave plenty of free space around the button so users can easily click on it without accidentally hitting another link.

Be Sparing With Images

Marketing emails for mobile should always be short and sweet. The goal is for the reader to be engaged in a short time without losing interest.

If you fill your email with images or embed large files within it, they may take too long to load on a mobile phone. Consumers aren’t likely to wait for the image to load before simply deleting the email.

Think Big

Mobile screens are small; your font and buttons should not be. No one wants to squint to read email on a mobile phone. Keep the text large enough that readers can easily see it.

Buttons should also be large enough to easily click with a finger. Leave plenty of space around all links so that readers don’t have trouble targeting them.

Test And Preview

You should always preview your emails to ensure they display properly. Testing campaigns on specified recipients is a good idea, too.

Having access to real-time data allows you to split-test elements of your email campaign. For example, you can check how well your headlines are working and whether your calls to action are generating results.

Blueshift provides real-time data on your customers that allows segmentation based on behavior, predictive attributes, and transactional data. Automation is easy with our responsive templates, and one simple dashboard provides you with metrics customized to your needs.

Are you ready to optimize your mobile email marketing campaigns? Schedule a demo today to see what Blueshift can do for you.