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BlueShift builds customer profiles by leveraging primarily real-time behavioral data, whereas many marketing automation solutions rely mostly on historical data, which is limited and stagnant. The solution also offers predictive capabilities, for which traditional marketing automation often has to use partners.”


<Powerful Segmentation Made Easy


Behavioral Events

Segment users based on their click-stream / event activity on your website or mobile apps



Blueshift automatically computes aggregate statistics for your users, so you can segment based on users who visited frequently, or purchased over $1,000 and more


Catalog Interactions

Segment users based on the way they interact with your products or content – e.g. you could target users who viewed items in a certain category, or who purchased a book by a given author.



Segment users based on demographic data such as location & gender. Blueshift automatically augments your data, inferring, for instance gender from first name or location from IP address.


Predictive Scores

Blueshift computes predictive scores for your users based on their behavior. You can segment users based on who is more likely to purchase, or churn among others.


Category Affinity

Blueshift predicts category and brand affinity based on your user behavior. You can use that to target people who are interested in certain categories from your catalog.

traffic source

Traffic Source

Segment users based on utm parameters to target users based on their acquisition source & channel

customer attributes

Customer Attributes

You can segment users based on their attributes from your CRM system, or form fields that they have submitted. There is no limit on the number of user attributes, and user attributes can be added dynamically with no schema definition.

Customer Lists

Customer Lists

Bring customer lists into Blueshift from other systems, and use these lists for segmentation.

message responce

Opens, Clicks and More

Messaging and channel response: You can segment users based on the way they respond to campaigns / templates and channels. Target users based on which channel they are engaging with or if they do not respond to certain campaigns.


Blueshift's real-time segmentation engine empowers you to create rich segments

Blueshift’s real-time segmentation engine empowers you to create rich segments


The Blueshift Difference

Real-time: Blueshift segments are updated in real-time

Complex Segments, Made Easy: Complex boolean conditions with timelines & counts
Fast: Crunch through large amounts of data with blazing speed
Scheduled Exports: Push segments into other applications with ease


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