Deliver Better Customer Experiences with AI-Powered Product Recommendations

Deliver better customer experiences with ai powered product recommendations

In today’s increasingly digital world, the volume of consumer choices can be overwhelming. Customers expect brands to provide personalized experiences that enhance their overall experience. Providing real-time 1:1 cross-channel experiences may seem out of reach, but with the power of marketer-accessible AI, product and content recommendations can empower you to do just that. 

Why you should use AI-Powered Product Recommendations in your marketing:

Intelligent Engagement

Keep Customers Online Longer

We’ve all gotten sucked down the rabbit hole by way of excellent recommendations – a simple search turns into hours of browsing. Truly 1:1 recommendations will leave your customers happily scrolling and discovering new products — and adding to their carts along the way.

Recommendations to Utilize: Next Best Purchase, Users Also Viewed, and Related Products

User-Friendly Shopping

Tailored Products Make Browsing a Large Catalog Easy

Ecommerce sites with giant catalogs like Amazon may seem daunting to browse initially, but their recommendations make it easy to find something you love. Blueshift’s AI can determine meaningful relationships between products to surface recommendations that make large catalogs feel more manageable.

Recommendations to Utilize: Related Products and Users Like You Purchased

Win Back Strategy

Reengage Passive Customers

Some customers may seem impossible to win back. You throw the best promotions and most clever, well-thought-out emails their way to no avail. Personalized product recommendations can help provide value to those tricky customers and lead them back to your site. A seamless recommendation strategy that crosses over from your marketing channels to your website will play a key role in getting high-value, unengaged customers back on track and converting.

Recommendations to Utilize: New Items, Popular/Trending Items, Items Related to Past Purchases, and Customers Like You Purchased

Drive Real Results

Increase Your Marketing ROI

Blueshift customer, James Allen, uses our platform to recommend the most relevant products to customers based on online browsing behavior through a dynamic, real-time, personalized approach to rich first-party data activation. The outcome? Increased website sessions and message volume with an agile and innovative approach to customer experiences by launching and automating key campaigns while staying true to their brand. Read their full case study here.

Recommendations to Utilize: Top Products for You and Based on Browsing

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