Data Activation is Underused Fuel for Marketers

Marketers use less than 50% of their data in their marketing

Marketers are starting to wake up to the next data challenge to tackle: marketers today use less than 50% of their data in their marketing. Why does this matter? After all, given the volume and ever-changing status of useful data, isn’t utilizing half of it somewhat of an achievement? 

Think again. While it’s unreasonable to think you can utilize 100% of your data 100% of the time, what cannot be argued is that only using half of it means your view of the customer is grossly incomplete. And in today’s world of hyper-personalization, a full view is a non-negotiable. 

Making your data work for you

The kinds of experiences marketers want to deliver require quick action on insight into real-time customer behaviors, interests, and intentions. But today’s marketing systems weren’t built for this volume, and can’t extract insights and rapidly execute against them while those insights are still meaningful.

But imagine if they could.

As customer experiences are happening across a growing number of touchpoints, data and its insights have not only become essential to deliver on expectations, they’re providing enough information to put marketers near a mind-reading level.

The true definition of personalization

Data collected from every available touchpoint, routing back to one centralized place, builds out a holistic view of the customer. This ever-growing understanding ensures that the next interaction the customer has with the brand is more relevant than the last, no matter where it takes place.

This is what true one-to-one personalization looks like, and it’s what wins conversions and loyalty. To achieve it, marketers must employ a solution that uses every bit of information they have about a customer to inform every experience they provide.

We call this data activation, and you can learn all about it in our primer guide. Download it to learn the drivers behind your data-driven marketing challenges, what exactly is Data Activation, why it’s essential to your marketing success, and how to use Data Activation to deliver game-changing, repeatable growth.