AI-Powered Cross-Channel Journeys


One of the biggest challenges for marketers will be understanding the connected customer journey across all touch points and how best to interact on a personal, content-rich level.”

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Introducing Blueshift’s AI-Powered Cross-Channel Visual Journey Builder

Blueshift solves the problem of building personalized, content-rich campaigns and customer journeys with a first-of-its-kind approach to customer engagement that brings Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Cross-Channel Automation together into a unified, quick to implement product.

Visual Journey Builder

Unlike legacy marketing cloud solutions and overly simplistic “point-and-click” tools that do not have AI at their core, this unified approach provides the following advantages:

Enter Customers into Journeys at Exactly the Right Time & Right Channel, Based on AI.
In the past, marketers struggled to define rules that should determine when customers enter a journey. With Blueshift, marketers can use AI-Powered Predictive Scores to launch journeys at the perfect time for each customer.

Insert AI-Powered Content Recommendations at Each Step.
With legacy systems, it is often hard to combine content-rich personal experience with automated campaigns. With Blueshift, the visual campaign builder is fully integrated with an AI-Powered Recommendation Studio for content & product recommendations, ensuring a content-rich 1:1 experience across channels. Marketers can even a/b test different types of recommendations.

Track & Measure Campaigns in an Intuitive, Visual Interface.
Legacy systems are unable to tie back attribution data and visualize the data at each step of the customer journey. With Blueshift’s unique integrated approach, marketers select their own conversion metrics from any part of their funnel, customize their attribution models, and visualize campaign performance at each step.

Building Engaging Customer Journeys Powered by Artificial Intelligence:


More Key Features of Blueshift’s Visual Journey Builder:

Visual Editing

Easy to use visual editor helps you build and launch journeys faster than ever before.

Segment & Event Triggered

Trigger journeys based on behavioral events, or based on customers entering a segment.

Predictive Content

Now you can even A-B test different types of AI-Powered Recommendations in your journeys.

Fully Measurable

Measure not only opens & clicks, but also downstream conversion metrics at every step.


Orchestrate email & mobile app journeys from a single system.

Plus Full Flexibility on How to Trigger a Campaign/Journey:

From the very first step in building a customer journey, marketers see the flexibility to make each engagement unique for their goals:

Journey with Blueshift

For more information on building campaigns in Blueshift, please view our documentation.

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