Insightful Multi-Channel Marketing Statistics To Improve Your Strategy

Business is all about the numbers. When it comes to customer retention, businesses that adopt a multi-channel marketing strategy achieve 91% greater customer retention than those that don’t. Impressed? Read on for more marketing statistics…

Embracing Customer Experiences For Improved Marketing

There’s a new trend in marketing. It’s one as old as business itself but is refreshingly modern at the same time. Customer experience based marketing has all the makings of a good promotion plan. There are many reasons to embrace it!  What…

Why Your Customer Journey is Missing the Mark (And How You Can Fix It)

A completely linear customer journey are a thing of the past. Marketers have access to more customer data than ever before, and customers expect to trade their data for better experiences. Nudging customers from point a to point b is no longer…

Why CDPs, ESPs, and Marketing Automation Fail on Their Own

Just like any effective team, your martech stack can’t be a one-man show. Can you imagine resting the entire operation of a marketing department on one employee’s shoulders? The ensuing chaos wouldn’t be pretty. Likewise, it’s unrealistic…
7 Key Programs Online Retailers Must Launch to Drive Customer Engagement

7 Key Programs Online Retailers Must Launch to Drive Customer Engagement

Engaging today’s customers is harder than ever. According to a recent Marketo report, the majority of buyers expect all their interactions with a brand to be personalized — and they think that marketers can enable this if and only if they…
A.I. to reach your audience

Facebook Custom Audiences Just Got Smarter with Blueshift's AI

In the rapidly evolving world of mobile devices, social media and the always-connected consumer, marketers want to get their messages out and amplify them quickly. Now more than ever, Lester Wunderman’s* principle of “communicating with…
Re-engagement Campaigns

3 Re-engagement Campaigns You Can Run In FB That Will Grow Your Revenues

With more than 2B monthly active users in Facebook, Facebook is a great channel for customer acquisition. But with the power of your first party customer behavior data, you have a big opportunity to run re-engagement campaigns using Facebook…
Big Target is the wrong target for Facebook Retargeting

A Big Target is the Wrong Target: How to Increase Effectiveness of Facebook Retargeting

Targeting everybody is targeting nobody.  With average CPC rates ranging from $2 up to $5, broad targeting on Facebook can soon get expensive and highly ineffective. But by bringing your first party customer and behavioral data to Facebook,…

Programmatic Relationship Marketing

Innovations in programmatic advertising have transformed online media buying, making the process more automated, targeted and measurable. Now programmatic is poised to revolutionize customer relationship marketing. I wrote an article on this…
stickiness and repeat customers

Cultivating Stickiness and Repeat Behavior With Mobile Commerce Apps

Brand-loyalty & stickiness of customers have long been a problem for e-commerce, especially with price comparison on the web. However, in the new age of mobile commerce, early data is suggesting that apps might just be the cure that the…

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