Behind the Scenes at Blueshift: Mark’s Story

Employee stories featuring Mark Lew, Product Enablement Specialist

I recently asked Mark Lew, Product Enablement Specialist at Blueshift, what he likes to do for fun. After all, one of our core values is “have fun, seriously.” Mark is a training wizard who led a deep-dive into our CDP when I started at Blueshift almost three months ago. Other than that, we haven’t interacted much, so naturally I didn’t know many personal facts about him. However, his response to my curious inquiry told me so much more than I could glean from a training session.

Mark’s family loves watching Star Wars and recently watched all of the different series that tie the movies together, including the animated and live action series. They enjoy that the chronology and storyline are surprisingly complex, and his youngest son with Autism loves it and has some pretty deep discussions about it. Mark said that “the whole family is pretty nerdy and geeky.” His family also loves Marvel movies, Disney classics such as The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and Pixar movies like Monsters, Inc. He added, “Yes, we’re pretty much wearing out our Disney+ service.”

In addition to watching shows and movies together, Mark’s family loves good stories, and each of them is very creative. From drawing pictures to making up stories and creating mini-comics and videos, they like to use their imaginations. All of the older siblings help out to encourage his youngest who needs the most attention. Mark shared, “Little by little, we’re all finding ways to keep him focused, calm, and happy, which keeps us all very busy, but we are blessed to have a good support system now.” They do their best to keep him safe and supported, which has been even more challenging during the pandemic since they lost access to support services during lockdown, and Mark’s previous employer didn’t accommodate his family’s needs.

“I stayed positive and kept doing what parents do, then the Blueshift opportunity came about: the perfect role, amazing product and company, with great respectful people allowing me to properly care for my family. I’m so happy to be here at Blueshift!”

Mark Lew photos

When he’s not spending time with his family, Mark likes to recharge by attending High Performance Driver Education (HPDE) courses on a race track. How awesome is that?! He hasn’t been in about 2 years now, so he’s itching to get back out to the track again soon.

After years of working within the martech space in various digital marketing capacities, Mark realized his true passion was training; it’s as if the Product Enablement Specialist role were made for him. When asked what made Blueshift stand out, he doesn’t mention our platform capabilities or company perks (even though both are great) — he points out the people.


“Everyone I’ve met here at Blueshift has been humble and friendly, and humble is kind of a rare word to use, especially given the level of talent here at our company.”

In the tech universe, there are a lot of intelligent and skilled people. Like, a lot. But how frequently do you hear the words “humble and friendly”? Does your boss offer words of support if you cry during a Zoom call (which has obviously never happened to me…)? Do you look forward to seeing your teammates at happy hour after a long week?

At the end of the day, we’re all humans. And apparently, especially in Mark’s case, we’re pretty cool humans. So go have fun, seriously.

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Mark’s position at Blueshift was created out of our recognition that a foundational component of building a successful customer data platform is training. Not only do employees need sufficient training, but our customers also want resources that can help them succeed, which is why we offer courses on Blueshift Academy and a library of industry Smart Guides for marketers.