5 Ways to Mobilize Your Customer Data

5 Ways to Mobilize Your Customer Data

The twenty-teens were all about collecting data — from CRMs to CDPs countless companies invested in the gathering of data and effective organization solutions. The collection and organization of data are incredibly important, but it isn’t the complete answer to the big question of the 21st century – how can we do more with first-party data? The endgame of “doing more” is ultimately to provide more personalized, relevant experiences on the scale of millions, and simply having data isn’t going to enable those customer experiences. The key to making such loft goals a reality is through the activation of your data. 

Essentially, data activation is the process by which customer experiences are shaped by the entirety of your data. Each and every digital interaction a customer can have with your brand is guided by a holistic, up-to-the-moment understanding of customers—including all prior transactions, on-site and offline behaviors, campaign engagement, product interactions, real-time actions, and other customer attributes gathered across channels and devices. This real-time view of the customer opens the door to amazing customer experiences that were previously impossible to execute. 

Here are 5 ways you can mobilize your data with activation. 


With a completely accurate view of all your customers, it’s easier than ever before to build complex journeys that drive themselves. Rather than leaving all of the decision making to marketers (or chance), customer data is fed through AI and machine learning programs in order to determine the best possible course of action for each and every customer. This means less time is spent ruminating on journey building, and more time is spent on getting creative.

Blueshift’s Customer Data Activation Platform utilizes patented AI to target the right customers at the right time and on the right channel — every time. Marketers can create new campaigns with multiple channels, conditions, creative versions, and other advanced criteria in just a few clicks with out-of-the-box creative and a drag-and-drop template builder or completely customize templates with direct HTML editing to suit their unique business needs.


Think Amazon’s endless scroll of products is impossible for your business? Think again. Thanks to data activation and AI mechanisms completely unique recommendations can be pushed onto sites in real-time. And, how individual customers interact with these product recommendations, in turn, affects what products are presented to them. By offering more options to customers, marketers, in turn, learn more about their shoppers and can continue to deliver more personalized selections, autonomously.


Say “so long” to static segmentation. Thanks to data activation it is simpler than ever to build and deploy segments that can be updated in real-time. In just a few clicks, marketers using the Customer Data Activation Platform can create segments with drop-down filters to define segments based on any combination of user attributes, site activity, affinities, transaction history, and other custom data attributes. Users can also take advantage of our AI-powered predictive scores to build segments based on customers’ likelihood to purchase, churn, engage, or perform the desired action to pinpoint the most valuable customers.


After building and deploying your segments, the highest-performing segments can be then utilized to find new high-value customers across platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Our CDAP allows marketers to push these segments onto social media, and the comprehensive customer information will find your “ideal” customers. With the ideal customer profile in hand, advertisements can then be pushed to those who fit the criteria outlined. These individuals are targeted with messages that resonated with their current customer counterpoints, so the chances they’ll notice and convert are greatly increased.


Within the first decades of the 21st century, marketers were siphoned into their channels of expertise — simply because new channels were popping so quickly it was impossible to find a master of all. And as such, marketing remained channel-addressable, but consumers have demanded higher levels of personalization and that expectation continues to grow. So, it’s up to marketers to shift to a customer-centric approach, rather than channel-centric. Given that each of the most common channels we use today were created independently of one another and have extremely different conventions, it can be difficult to maintain a cohesive brand look while also personalizing across channels. (And channel-centric martech platforms haven’t helped this issue either).

But, customer-centric platforms are here to help! Blueshift allows you to centralize your recommendation logic and easily distribute across every channel and touchpoint. This allows marketers to easily add recommendations and content blocks to emails, push notifications, SMS, websites, within apps, and sit back as content is dynamically personalized to each user.