4 Cross-Channel Marketing Examples That Drive Results


One of the biggest challenges brands face today is effectively reaching customers at the right time, on the best channel, and with the most relevant message. Traditionally, brands have relied on data to create campaigns tailored to specific channels. However, in today’s landscape, customers are dispersed across an increasingly diverse range of channels.

As a result, brands need to leverage their rich customer data and use it to craft a cohesive and unified customer experience across all channels. To do this, brands should adopt a cross-channel marketing strategy to create more effective and seamless customer journeys. Doing so can help boost sales and keep potential, new, and returning customers engaged, regardless of their stage in the customer journey.

To gain a deeper understanding of the impact of an effective cross-channel strategy, let’s explore five compelling cross-channel marketing examples from brands that have achieved remarkable results:

CarParts.com Leverages Customer Data to Deliver Personalized User Experiences

CarParts.com is the premier online retailer for auto parts and accessories. For over 25 years, they’ve made it easier for drivers to find the parts they need and have them shipped right to their doors. With a large customer base and a catalog of millions of different products, having a cross-channel marketing strategy that unifies first-party data to create personalized experiences and highly-targeted campaigns for each customer is essential for CarParts.com.

To achieve this, CarParts.com utilizes Blueshift’s cross-channel hub to leverage its rich customer data to deliver personalized product and content recommendations across channels.  Using data on the year, make, and model of users’ vehicles and product searches on the CarParts.com website, they are able to deliver personalized recommendations on products and content pieces across other channels like email and SMS to improve customer engagement. Furthermore, by segmenting its audience based on customer data and using multivariate testing, CarParts.com ensures that each user received the most effective and relevant messages.

Since implementing a cross-channel strategy, CarParts.com has seen a 400% increase in click-through rates, a 130% increase in customer message volume, and a substantial time-saving of 50 hours per week by automating campaigns triggered by customer behaviors. In addition, CarParts.com continues to expand to additional channels like paid media and push notifications to further strengthen and expand its cross-channel strategy.

Zumper Utilizes AI-Powered Recommendations to Drive Engagement

Zumper is an apartment rental platform that helps renters find the perfect apartment and connects property owners with quality tenants. Since its inception in 2012, the platform has grown to an average of 7 million monthly users. With a large user base that continues to expand, Zumper aims to deliver personalized experiences for every user to boost engagement.

Using AI-powered recommendations, Zumper delivers personalized messages based on a user’s browsing behavior and preferences in apartment price, size, amenities, and more. Moreover, recommendations continuously evolve as new listings are added and user preferences change over time. One method Zumper uses to keep users engaged is sending daily recommendations of 10 properties to view based on the user’s preferences and browsing history. 

Zumper has seen great success from leveraging a cross-channel strategy, with a 384% increase in lead submissions, a 198% increase in message volume, and a 128% increase in click-through rates. Zumper utilizes its website, app, push notifications, and email marketing as pivotal parts of its cross-channel strategy while introducing new campaigns on social media and Google search to further engage customers.

Udacity Grows Student Enrollment with Cross-Channel Experiences

Udacity is an online education platform offering free and paid courses to help students and workers learn new skills to further their careers. Since 2011, Udacity has helped nearly 17 million people in more than 240 countries and awarded more than 205,000 Nanodegree certifications. Udacity’s exceptional growth over the last decade is due in no small part to a cross-channel marketing strategy that prioritizes student acquisition and engagement.

With Blueshift, Udacity is able to centralize all of its data to create and automate meaningful student engagement across multiple channels like email, social media, and mobile. Easy access to this data also allows Udacity to precisely segment its audiences and deliver relevant, personalized recommendations to students based on their browsing habits and course completion history. Furthermore, having all of its data centralized with Blueshift allows Udacity to easily create and manage hundreds of region-specific campaigns to engage its global user base.

One of Udacity’s primary goals is to keep users engaged at every stage of the customer journey. Using data such as page views, course views, and syllabus downloads helps facilitate engagements across all channels. For example, Udacity uses such data from users enrolled in paid courses to find prospective students with similar interests via targeted Facebook ads.

Since embracing a cross-channel marketing strategy, Udacity has boosted engagements by up to 41% and purchase rates by as much as 48%. 

LendingTree Reimagines the Customer Journey to Boost Engagement

LendingTree is an online lending marketplace that helps consumers find the best loan deals, provides financial education, and comparison shopping services. With a remarkable track record of helping over 111 million people and facilitating more than 260 billion dollars in loans, LendingTree takes pride in prioritizing its customers’ needs.

Given its extensive customer base and diverse array of financial products, LendingTree has developed a customer-centric marketing strategy that revolves around delivering highly personalized experiences throughout the customer journey. By leveraging data obtained from form submissions, page views, product interactions, and more, LendingTree deploys targeted messaging across multiple channels, including email, push notifications, and digital ads. With Blueshift’s Journey Builder, LendingTree also proactively engages customers with personalized messaging across channels triggered by key events such as changes in credit scores.

With a customer-first cross-channel strategy, LendingTree has increased its monthly users by 17% and boosted message open rates by 48%. LendingTree continues to look for new ways to optimize its strategy by continuously testing new campaigns using customer data.

Cross-Channel Marketing is Easier with Blueshift

Developing a comprehensive cross-channel marketing strategy may appear daunting initially, but with the right customer engagement platform, it becomes effortless to create impactful cross-channel campaigns that drive sales and foster brand recognition and loyalty.

Blueshift empowers brands and marketers to seamlessly engage and transact with customers at every stage of the buyer journey. Our cutting-edge cross-channel hub enables you to effortlessly design personalized campaigns across all channels, leveraging customer behaviors and real-time data. As a result, you’ll gain a greater understanding of your customers, making it easier than ever to build lasting relationships that drive revenue.

To see how Blueshift can strengthen your brand’s cross-channel marketing efforts, try our free product demo or contact us today.