5 Ways Predictive Recommendations Can Transform Your Marketing

Increasingly, consumers are expecting completely personalized content when they’re online. While delivering 1:1 content to every user across every digital channel can seem next to impossible, bringing on predictive recommendations can transform everything from your user experience to marketing procedure.

1. Predictive recommendations keep customers online longer

We’ve all gotten sucked down the rabbit hole of excellent recommendations – a simple search turns into hours of browsing. Real 1:1 recommendations will leave your customers happily scrolling and discovering new products. This might lead customers to new products they wouldn’t have otherwise found on your site, but love nonetheless. 

2. Tailored recommendations make browsing a huge catalog easy

Sites with giant catalogs like Amazon may seem daunting to browse initially, their recommendations make it easy to find something you love. Blueshift customer, Urban Ladder, saw a 4x conversion rate from bringing on our recommendation capabilities.

3. Predictive recommendations create loyal customers

A big struggle of digital marketing is taking a traditionally offline market and adjusting it for an online experience, but it’s not as daunting as it seems. In the past, brick and mortar businesses that offered exceptional customer service and gave personal recommendations to each client experienced a high level of customer loyalty. Today, nothing has changed. Suiteness, a strictly online luxury hospitality company, has been able to step into the role of a travel agent and concierge for its customers – with stellar results

4. 1:1 recommendations can reheat customers who’ve fallen off

Some lost customers can seem impossible to win back. You throw the best promotions, and most clever and well thought out emails their way to no avail. 1:1 predictive recommendations can help provide real value to those tricky customers, and help lead them back to your site. A seamless recommendation engine that can cross over from email to website will play a major key in getting high-value, unengaged customers back on track and converting.

5. Predictive recommendations are responsible for revenue

Vouchercloud, the UK’s leading money-saving app, saw an 81% increase in revenue by using personalized recommendations across email and mobile push. 1:1 recommendations are no longer something that’s nice to have, they’re a necessity for driving growth. Learn more about Vouchercloud’s strategy here

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