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Blueshift provides a variety of ways to include an extensive set of user attributes for use in your Email, Push Notification and SMS templates. Blueshift uses the Liquid template language to allow you to add custom user/product/CRM attributes, as well as dynamic elements in your email templates. You can add variables to your HTML output by encasing it double curly braces: {{ variable_name }}. You can also create filters and logic blocks on these variables.

The following user attributes are available as variables in every account:

  • user.firstname
  • user.lastname
  • user.joined_at
  • user.gender
  • user.customer_id

In addition to this, you can also refer to custom user attributes that you have sent via the ‘identify’ events or through Customer Attribute upload. The format is {{user.extended_attributes.variable_name}}

This document provides additional details for using User Attributes in your templates.