Forrester Study Shows $128M Revenue Lift, 781% ROI from Blueshift

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Blueshift’s 1:1 personalization is powered by our patented Interaction Graph technology that stores each user’s stream of interactions with products or content. The Graph is continually enhanced with additional attributes including channel engagement, affinity scores & more. Marketers are fully in control of using the Graph to create rich segments & inject various forms of personalization into every communication, to drive 80-140% higher response rates


The platform unifies all customer data into a customer index, and builds AI based Predictive Scores & Recommendations on this complete view of customer data. The scores & the recommendations can be used seamlessly in your cross-channel campaigns.



Blueshift’s technology makes it the only system that unifies the “Memory” (Customer Data), the “Brain” (AI) and the “Body” (Cross-Channel Execution).