Using AI To Better Understand Your Social Media Audience

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Most people know that a good social media presence is essential to a successful business. But, do you know how to best utilize it to your advantage? Do you understand your audience, and are you sure your content is targeting them? AI can help.


Social media can be a powerhouse for your business. There are 3.2 billion people using social media worldwide today. Whether your business operates globally or locally, you can be sure social channels provide a potentially huge audience.

Many buyers now join social media networks specifically to look for recommendations, and 54% of social browsers turn to social media to research products before making a purchase. Additionally, 71% of consumers are likely to recommend a brand to friends and family if they’ve had a positive social media experience with that brand.

Social media influencers also should not be ignored, since 49% of consumers now depend on influencer recommendations when considering a purchase. Feeling overwhelmed? AI can help.


Your marketing team probably spends a significant amount of time creating content for social media. AI can do some of that for you. Today, AI is capable of creating, scheduling, and sharing social media content across channels in minutes.

AI is further able to provide insights from your audience and to analyze posts at scale. So, that means your social media content can be tailored to specifically engage your brand’s audience. AI can even develop social media ads for you that are optimized for clicks and conversions.


Everyone in the game is using social channels, and your brand needs to stand out with engaging content. AI allows you to understand what works for your audience and adapt your strategy to their needs. If you know what motivates your customers and you understand their buying habits, you can deliver more effective content.

Furthermore, AI is able to analyze how your target audience interacts with your social media content and provide suggestions for better reaching them. You can learn what triggers their purchasing decisions and what products are most likely to interest them in the future.


AI helps you have a one-on-one relationship with your consumers. An incredible amount of data is generated by AI that can help you understand your consumers both at scale and at an individual level. This allows you to personalize content to reach each consumer. From ads to chatbots, AI helps your consumers feel like they have a relationship with your brand.


Marketing is always changing. Is your business keeping up? At Blueshift, we believe that the ability to access data in real time is necessary for better engagement. AI is what allows that to happen. Machine learning algorithms are able to analyze everything on social media in real time and send that data along to you for use in marketing.

Our AI-powered cross-channel visual journey builder uses predictive scores to launch journeys at the perfect time for each customer. It also customizes content and product recommendations, ensuring your customers have a content-rich 1:1 experience across channels. Consequently, every engagement is based on customer behavior.

Understanding your audience is crucial for success today. If you can’t engage with your consumers on a personal level and adapt as trends change, your business will be left behind.

If you’re ready to see how AI can help you better understand your social media audience and better target content to your consumers, click here to schedule a demo.