Top Online Deal Destination, Vouchercloud, Seamlessly Balances 1:1 Personalization with Paid Space

Vouchercloud and Blueshift logos under an image of a man working at a computer in an office setting

Vouchercloud is a go-to site for savings-savvy consumers worldwide. And while it’s their mission to save their loyal users money, it hasn’t always been a breeze to pull off. Their team has to balance recommending their best, most relevant deals while also taking into account advertisements and paid space on their site. It’s impossible to do manually, and at scale.

To strike the perfect balance of tailored recommendations and paid media to their over 5 million international users, Vouchercloud selected Blueshift as their tech partner for success. Vouchercloud is now serving up 1:1 messaging across multiple channels, all while scaling up and constantly finessing their marketing programs.


Blueshift has become day-to-day software for Vouchercloud’s marketing team. A fantastic idea will strike team members, and they’re able to immediately jump into Blueshift and get started on execution. Creating segments, cutting, and testing is done on the fly, and without any third party support needed. This has been monumental in getting campaigns out the door faster than ever before. Three capabilities in particular have been game-changing for Vouchercloud:

  • Recommendations have proved essential to the partnership. Vouchercloud uses the recommendation tool on a daily basis to populate content for their extensive email program. AI has been the backbone of the program’s engagement success. The team relies on it for truly 1:1 recommendations, and also speeding up the time-to-market.
  • Segmentation is also a breeze for the team. They’re easily able to build segments on brand affinity and customer actions that are updated in real-time.
  • Audience Syndications to Facebook has been key in enabling them to build out high performing segments in Blueshift, and push to Facebook to find new, lookalike audiences.

So how does Blueshift stack up against more traditional platforms? “I used a legacy marketing platform prior to using Blueshift which was very technical and difficult to use,” says Vouchercloud’s eCRM Manager, Mark Neary. “So when I started using Blueshift, it was really refreshing to see just how easy it is to use. What’s pretty powerful about it is you’ve got everything in one place and building automated workflows is just so simple.”

Vouchercloud is a true partner to Blueshift in the sense that they’ve grown and evolved as our platform has, which delights us endlessly. Want to evolve your marketing with Blueshift too? Learn more about our one-of-a-kind Customer Data Activation Platform, how to activate your data for success, or try Blueshift out for yourself.