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“..the patent-pending processes employed in” Blueshift’s Personalization Studio “accept a wide range of real-time event streams reflecting user behavior from sites, apps, wearables, Internet of Things connected devices and other sources, as well as from a customer relationship management (CRM) system.”

~Marketing Land


Predictive Recommendations, In The Hands of Marketers

collaborative filtering

Collaborative Filtering

Leverage the power of your website or app’s community of shoppers to help craft useful recommendations for your users based on the behavior of “People Like You” who browsed or purchased similar items.


Category & Brand Affinities

Recommendations based on user preferences, or affinities, for various product lines, categories, brands, authors, artists, price points and more.



Re-targeted content (the items that the user already saw and abandoned), & related recommendations (similar items, e.g. best sellers in the same category/brand).


Trending Content

Recommendations based on what’s trending and relevant for users, e.g. best converting or most viewed items in the user’s location.


Catalog Updates

Relevant new products or content that gets added to your catalog, or changes in price or other attributes for items that users have Favorited.

Putting Marketers in Control of Recommendations

Create your own recommendations: Use a simple user interface to create multiple recommendation blocks of personalized content targeted to every customer interaction.
Easily attach recommendations to templates: Apply the recommendation scheme with one click to content templates for emails, advertising, websites and mobile apps.
Customize & Automate: Select a dynamically updating segment of users and automate cross-channel personalized campaigns to this audience.
Drive a delightful user experience: Deliver personalizations that your customers actually like, and drive up conversion rates.

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