Product Spotlight: Blueshift’s Next-Generation Journey Builder

Journey Builder spotlight

If we can sum up Blueshift’s mission in one sentence, it’s to empower marketers like you by making smart marketing simple. We want to help you deepen customer engagement and realize results fast. Our next-generation Journey Builder is a big step towards that goal.

Today, we’re excited to introduce our reimagined Journey Builder, with a simpler interface, more intuitive workflows, time-saving enhancements, and centralized reporting. With input from customers like you, we’ve redesigned the Journey Builder so that you have all the tools you need in one spot to intuitively create, automate, and scale personalized campaigns and customer journeys. Creating sophisticated, customer-centric campaigns and experiences across all of your channels has never been so fast and easy.

Our reimagined omnichannel Journey Builder provides an intuitive, powerful canvas to create campaigns and experiences that grow engagement throughout the customer lifecycle. It provides all the marketer-friendly tools and controls needed to more quickly and seamlessly orchestrate, test, and optimize every customer touchpoint. In minutes, you’ll be able to create next-level campaigns with multiple conditions, channels, steps, and more — and have those campaigns dynamically customize to each customer’s behaviors, activity, and interests as campaigns run. Creating any campaign, simple or complex, has never been easier.


Quick, Intuitive Journey Building

With our reimagined Journey Builder, you have everything you need ー from campaign setup to journey building and real-time reporting ー intuitively organized in one place within easy access.

Journey builder

In order to help speed up the journey building process, journey planning is separated out from configuration, so you can quickly design your desired journey flow and lay it out to your needs without having to fill out all the details before saving. We’ve color-coded journey components to make it easy for you to understand each step at a glance without having to go into details. You can still easily see and edit trigger details in just a few simple clicks.

To easily get the right level of detail at a glance depending on your needs, we provide all the journey view modes you need to get the desired level of detail for your workflow.

Finally, since we’ve sped up the journey building process, we’ve added an extra validation step to bulletproof the accuracy of the journey design. You’ll see a Validation Failed panel if there are errors and warnings, so you can easily see and resolve errors before launching.


Smarter Campaigns, Faster Workflows

Similar to our previous Journey Builder, you build out your journey using campaign triggers to define who receives which message and when. Within each trigger, you’ll define filter criteria to determine who receives each message.

Now, to help you build sophisticated campaigns with multiple stages and detailed criteria faster, you can copy an entire trigger, journey branch, or just the filter criteria and use it in other parts of the journey. It just takes a couple of clicks — no need to rewrite conditions. You can also merge journeys and branches in a few clicks to create the desired experiences, eliminating the need to rebuild journey stages.

Not only does this save you a significant amount of time, but it also reduces human error when recreating your targeting and triggering criteria.


Accelerated Optimization with Real-Time Insights

To help you continually optimize campaigns, you have quick access to actionable, real-time insights into campaign performance and visibility into how each interaction impacts customers, right within the Journey Builder using Metrics View mode.

Product Spotlight: Blueshift’s Next-Generation Journey Builder

You can leverage these real-time insights to identify dropoff points, performance drivers, and opportunities to optimize campaign touchpoints.

To help you quickly access all of your reporting, we also have a dedicated Reports tab where you’ll find four types of reports: Campaign Performance, Execution Summary, Holdout Analysis Results, and A/B Test Results. You’ll have all the rich insights you need at your fingertips.


Start Optimizing Your Customer Engagement Today

With our next-generation Journey Builder, you can bring all your marketing ideas to life and deliver value across every interaction throughout the customer lifecycle in a fraction of the effort.

Ready to get started with our SmartHub CDP? Learn more about the next-generation Journey Builder and how to set up a campaign here.