Personal Finance Case Study: LendingTree Grows Customer Engagement

Personal finance case study: Blueshift and Lending Tree grows customer engagement

There’s a reason why personal finance is called just that — because, well, it’s personal. Especially as customers take big steps such as applying for a loan, they want to be sure that they can really trust the companies supporting them through the process. As customers expect greater personalization, finance marketing must be centered around customer experiences across all relevant channels, making an omnichannel marketing strategy crucial to the success of marketers like you.

In order to execute a successful omnichannel marketing strategy, you need a platform that allows you to create seamless customer journeys across all channels — in other words, a SmartHub Customer Data Platform (CDP) like Blueshift. By unifying and activating your customer data and creating relevant content in real time, you have the power to put customers at the core of your marketing strategy. This level of personalization will keep customers engaged, ensuring they depend on your personal finance brand for years to come.

Blueshift customer who has used our SmartHub CDP to make their personal finance journeys more customer-centric is LendingTree:

“Our new journey approach has brought us closer to our customers. We have truly learned a lot about our customer segments, which at times were counter to what our perception was. Only by watching their behavior throughout the journeys in Blueshift were we really able to see that.” — Joyce Poole, Sr. Director, Marketing CRM, LendingTree

By using the following capabilities within Blueshift’s SmartHub CDP, LendingTree has been able to evolve their engagement strategies while simplifying the personal finance process for their customers:

  • Single Customer View
  • Advanced Segmentation
  • Campaign Journey Builder
  • External Fetch
  • Insights

After seeing success with the implementation of these capabilities, the LendingTree team continues to use visibility into their customer journeys to improve their strategy. Take a look at their results so far:

  • Increased Monthly Active Users
  • Higher Open Rates
  • Improved Workflow Efficiencies

Check out in-depth stats from LendingTree by reading our case study now.


Learn how LendingTree has driven engagement and improved experiences by implementing customer-first journeys using Blueshift’s SmartHub CDP.